Syncro System catalog no. 20 for 2018

The latest issue of Syncro System’s catalog is now available from dealers all over North America. Call in to your nearest Syncro dealer and pick up a copy to browse at your leisure! If you want to talk to us about fitting your van with a custom-made racking system that really meets your own needs, you can call us or book a no-obligation appointment from this page.

You can browse the catalog on-line, free of charge, at any time, here:

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Catalog organization and new products for 2018?

  1. Section 1 (red tab): the story of Syncro System, from the incorporation of Francom in 1953 to today; this section also illustrates the distinctive features of Syncro products and the production and management systems that help us stand out from the crowd. Low weight, high strength and modular design are the three key features of Syncro van racking, which boasts prestigious certification and guarantees major savings in time and money.
  2. Section 2 (orange tab): protective liners for your van’s cargo space. The big news is on pages 30-31 – plywood liners with marble-look and rubber surfaces.
  3. Section 3 (green tab): the heart of the catalog, describes all the products that Syncro System can combine to create a custom racking system for your van. The new products are on: page 41 – metal cases with anti-tip hinges; page 59 –writing boards with a marble-look surface; page 130 – stainless steel trays for spill-free liquid transport; pages 150-151 – marble-look work surfaces.
  4. Section 4 ( fuchsia tab): accessories (ventilation, lighting, cleaning, cargo retaining, van security) and special products like casket slides, garment hanging bars, verandas and trunks. Our new cable and hose reels with ‘Slow Motion’ rewind are well worth noting too; you’ll find them on page 182.
  5. Section 5 (dark blue tab): products for carrying materials and equipment on the roof of your van; the section also describes the unique features of the Ultrasilent profiles that effectively reduce wind noise and vibration.
  6. Section 6 (yellow tab): a selection of our access ramps and loading platforms, designed to satisfy all possible needs.
  7. Section 7 (light blue tab): a packed gallery of photos illustrating real racking systems installed in vans of various makes and models.
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