Telescopic folding ladders for vans, from Syncro North America

01_An aluminum telescopic folding ladder ready for storage 02_A folding ladder extended for use03_The Skybreaker van ladder, extended04_A fully extended telescopic ladder from Syncro North America

Syncro’s telescopic and folding ladders are the perfect solution to one of the most common problems facing van users: how to find a lightweight ladder that is long enough to be of practical use but compact enough to carry inside the van.

Syncro’s lightweight Skybreaker ladders close to a size that permits easy storage and transport. They can be used as a stepladder, or folded out to double the length for use as a normal ladder.

A choice of 2 sizes:

  • SCTL33 Telescopic ladder, 3+3 steps, in aluminum.
  • SCTL55 Telescopic ladder, 5+5 steps, in aluminum.

You can find these great ladders at any Syncro System dealer and installation center in the USA and Canada.

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