Wheel arch and tool case cabinets for vans

The space around the wheel arches in the back of your van poses a challenge. The size and shape of the wheel arch prevents the installation of normal storage cabinets, but not using the space at all would be a terrible waste.

Syncro System North America has a brilliant solution for this problem. Syncro’s wheel arch cabinets serve two useful purposes: they turn an otherwise unusable space into practical storage and they provide a robust base for other racking modules.

The open wheel arch cabinet

An open wheel arch cabinet The wheel arch cabinet seen from the side

The photos above show an open wheel arch cabinet formed by two side panels and three horizontal profiles. The cabinet is fixed to the wall by two triangular brackets at the rear. This type of cabinet is available in different versions to suit the shape of your van’s cargo space. Wheel arch cabinets can also be closed in a number of ways: a fold-down front panel can be fitted along with back panels and a range of doors, as illustrated below.

The closed wheel arch cabinet

01_A closed wheel arch cabinet with a door02_A wheel arch cabinet with the door open03_A wheel arch cabinet in a van04_A tool case cabinet with shuttle

With the addition of a door, the simple wheel arch module becomes a closed cabinet for storing even large items of equipment. The door is mounted on a robust and durable parallelogram-action mechanism consisting of hinges, two gas springs and a synchronizing tube.

From wheel arch cabinet to tool case cabinet

Installed away from the wheel arch, the same type of cabinet can become a practical tool case cabinet. All kinds of cases can be held securely in place by a movable shuttle or by straps. Ask your nearest Syncro center for the best solution to your needs!

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