The first sixty years of Francom: a company that always aims higher 

01_1960s: production of farm implements02_1970s: production of tool boxes03_1995: arrival of the Syncro van racking system06_2012: a Syncro racking system07_2018: the new production plant08_ Syncro System around the world09_A Syncro Ultra racking solution in 2019

Continuous improvement has always been a key element in the Syncro Group’s business philosophy. Our founder, Francesco Comunello, was convinced of its importance. When he registered Francom back in 1960, he began writing a story of which we can now relate the first 60 years. Our company’s transformation from a small producer of farm implements to a large manufacturer and installer of van racking systems has been neither rapid nor easy, but the Comunello family has remained firmly in control despite all the challenges. Working together, they have ridden the waves of socio-economic change that have swept through Italy and the world, and have successfully exploited the many new technologies that have revolutionized the world of business. 

In 2020, Francom became an industry 4.0 company. Each department, every dealership and all sales staff, warehouse operatives and designers – in fact everybody in the company – are now interconnected in real time. This great result allows us to look to the future with enthusiasm! 

Read the books that tells the story of Syncro!

2020 is the 60th anniversary of the formation of Francom. To celebrate, we have published a book that recounts all the key stages in our history, illustrated by a large number of photos of our company, and particularly of our employees and family! You can browse the book below or download it by clicking on this link.