At Syncro System,guaranteeing the safety and quality of our products has been one of our declared objectives right from the start. Over the years we have done our best to achieve this aim and to prove it through testing by independent certification bodies.

GS certification – proven safety of our racking systems

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Syncro System products sold and installed on the North American market, and particularly our racking products, are GS certified (Geprüfte Sicherheit – Proven Safety) by TÜV Rheinland on the basis of crash tests carried out according to ECE R17 standard. In these tests, which were performed by the certifying organization at our subsidiary in Cologne, Germany, a van fitted with 135 kg of racking and accessories and loaded with a total of 270 kg of material to simulate real transportation conditions was subjected to a head-on impact against a non-deformable barrier at a speed of around 50 km/h. According to the TÜV report, the deformation in the racking resulting from the impact did not cause any danger to the van’s passengers, meaning that the van’s cargo was safely restrained.

GS certification – proven safety of our roof racks

02_certificazione bagagliera prove03_GS bagagliere

In addition to the certification described above, Syncro System has obtained additional GS certification for its roof bars and roof racks. Testing for this was carried out in December 2011 by TÜV Rheinland Italy. Syncro System roof racks passed each of the tests performed by TÜV without any difficulty. Different attachment systems were used and stresses of different intensity were applied to three separate vans to test for resistance to braking, torsion and traction. The tests produced no deformation or damage in the roof racks, their attachments or in the vehicles involved.

Syncro System referred testing to TÜV Rheinland, Germany’s most prestigious certification body, to guarantee our customers the highest possible standards in van racking. Once product certification is obtained, details are printed on the products concerned where they can be seen by end users at any time.

DIN EN 12 195-2 certification for lashing straps

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Every strap sold and fitted by Syncro USA & Canada comes with a blue, green or brown fabric label attached. The color identifies the material from which the strap is made, PES, PA or PP respectively. These three materials have different chemical and physical characteristics. The presence of these labels, which provide various items of information (load capacity, manual traction force, elongation, product tracing code, distributor, etc.), proves that the strap has been tested and homologated to DIN EN 12195-2 standard, which guarantees the suitability of cargo lashing systems in the event of roadside technical checks.

Resistance tests for Syncro hooks

Some of the hooks used in Syncro cargo lashing systems have been subjected to resistance testing according to ISO 27956 standard. The excellent results obtained in these tests demonstrate that ROTAL-GNC, ROTAL-GNC.AN and GNBC hooks are able to withstand all the stresses to which they are likely to be subjected in delivery vans.

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