A 46-point guide to choosing the right van racking!

Download this practical guide free of charge or consult it on our website! The guide contains a concentration of over 20 years of experience accumulated by the Syncro team.

With over 90,000 installations to our credit, in all makes and models of van, we know exactly how to configure racking to meet the needs of professionals in all walks of life. Syncro System’s expert designers and installers have an in-depth understanding of your needs and are happy to share their knowledge with all visitors to the website.


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If you want a new mobile workshop, the first thing you need is a van! But you’re sure to have doubts even about this early step. What kind of van should I buy? What’s the best model for carrying all the racking and accessories I need to work efficiently?

That’s why our guide starts with choosing a van. Only with this question answered do we delve into the matter of installing floor and body liners, racking modules and useful accessories.

The guide also provides information you might find useful AFTER installing a racking system, for example how to obtain tax relief on your purchase, how to re-use your racking if you sell or scrap your van, and how to contact us if you encounter unforeseen problems.

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