We’ve grown all too accustomed to hearing the words “crisis” and “recession” in recent years. An economic climate that worries even the most optimistic has made it essential to rationalize. Today’s professionals – plumbers, electricians, installers and service engineers – understand the need to rationalize money, time and even the space in the back of their vans. The Syncro System Group can help achieve all these objectives by converting any model of van into an efficient workshop on wheels.

How do you rationalize your money? By putting it to good use! Any Syncro System center in the USA and Canada can turn your van into an efficient workshop with only a limited investment. Racking can be customized to suit the size of your van and products selected to match your needs. Drawers, lockers, shelves and accessories can all be installed neatly inside your van, leaving plenty of space for carrying cargo and for working.

01_A van workshop by Syncro North America02_Drawers, shelves and accessories in a mobile workshop03_Van drawers from Syncro USA and Canada

Rationalizing time and space with Syncro System

Time saving is another area in which Syncro racking excels! By arranging your materials, tools and spare parts in a secure, orderly manner in drawers, cases and cabinets, and by securing bulky cargo, sharp objects and cans of liquids, Syncro racking can save you up to 30 minutes a day. How? By eliminating the need to search for items scattered over the floor, tidy up fallen cargo and clean up spilled liquids. If we attribute a value of about 15 dollars to each half-hour wasted, and assume 220 working days in a year, the saving would amount to around 3,300 dollars a year!

When it comes to rationalizing space in your van, Syncro System has no rivals! The modular design of our products allows them to be combined in an almost infinite number of ways. And that’s not all! Syncro technicians know exactly how to configure the interior of your van to maximize space and minimize inconvenience. Columns of racking can even be offset to follow the shape of the van body. And Syncro drawers are fitted with recessed handles to avoid taking up an inch more space than necessary.

On top of this, don’t forget that Syncro racking is made from top quality, tough but lightweight materials. Many Syncro products are protected by patents too and are certified safe to tough German standards. So it’s easy to see why asking Syncro to convert your van into a mobile workshop is the best decision you can make!

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