Cargo retaining systems from Syncro North America: safe, tidy and fully compatible with Syncro System racking

Secure cargo is safe cargo

Securing your cargo is not just a question of keeping things tidy… it’s a question of safety too as well as compliance with transportation law. Safety standards govern how cargo is transported inside your van, on the roof and in the cab too.

What’s at risk if cargo is not properly secured?

  1. Properly secured, the tools, equipment, goods and materials in your van travel in an orderly manner, making everything easy to find when you reach your destination. The alternative is chaos! It only takes one bend to have unsecured cargo falling and sliding around the van.
  2. In the event of a sudden jolt, sharp steering or harsh braking, an effective retaining system keeps your cargo exactly where you stowed it and stops it scratching, denting or, in the worst-case scenario, making hole in your van’s bodywork or floor.
  3. In a collision, unsecured cargo could well represent a danger to you, your passengers or other road users. An accident-resistant cargo retaining system can prevent potentially serious or even fatal injury.

So let’s see what cargo retaining systems are on offer from Syncro System North America:

Cargo space retaining systems

  • Syncro offers a wide range of cargo retaining systems for the back of your van.

Our catalog includes specially made racks and holders for common tools and materials: spray can racks, silicone tube racks, rod and drill bit racks, paper roll holders, perforated panels, cable holders, fire extinguisher holders and even motorcycle racks.

A motorcycle rack A rack for a small fire extinguisher A rack for rods and long objects A silicon tube rack Aluminum side pockets Our new spray can rack

Our catalogue also includes various hooks for use alone or in conjunction with other components: movable, adjustable, fixed, and steel and rubber hooks; and multi-purpose clamps.

A Bruns tool rack A cargo anchor A movable hook A quick but secure ladder retaining system An adjustable hook Rubber lined steel clamps

Syncro cargo hooks, bar-and-strap and rail-and-strap retaining systems are extremely popular solutions as their modular design and easy adjustment allow them to adapt to all kinds of cargo.

An aluminum bar and strap retaining system The complete bar and strap system

A heavy-duty strap A rail and strap retaining system

For the cab, Syncro offers an aluminum PC support you can fit to and remove from the passenger seat without tools, and an organizer for all the price lists, brochures, pens, papers and phones you need to carry with you.

A notebook PC support for the passenger seat A tidy net A tool rack

  • Roof transport

Syncro North America offers a range of roof bars, roof racks, pipe transport tubes and ladder racks to exploit the space on the roof of your van. Whether your load is light or heavy, the objective is the same: to secure it for the road and to permit easy unloading at your destination.

A 2-slide ladder rackA multi-purpose roof rack An aluminum transport tube with the door open

  • Cargo bars

If you need to transport bulky or fragile cargo in your van and want that extra security, Syncro North America can supply cargo bars for installation vertically or horizontally in the back of your van. These versatile accessories can create practical and adjustable cages to secure all kinds of cargo.

A cage formed by cargo bars Cargo bars in a vanThe locking handle on a cargo bar

Syncro’s installation centers in the USA and Canada can fit all these retaining systems along with your racking or add them later, as and when you need them.

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