Syncro System is one of the leading specialists in van racking. We’ve got the figures to prove it! 20 years dedicated exclusively to converting commercial vehicles into mobile workshops, over 60,000 racking systems supplied and installed since 1996, and over 6,000 products in our catalogue.

01_Offset van racking by Syncro 02_Offset racking lets you exploit all the space in your van 03_A van equipped with Multibox cabinets 04_A van fitted out by Syncro System North America

A modular racking system

These figures clearly prove the worth of the Syncro racking system, and demonstrate our company’s ability to provide custom solutions that satisfy all kinds of needs. Twenty years of experience in making and installing van racking have taught us that every customer has his own specific requirements. That’s why we have developed a completely modular and customizable racking system capable of adapting to the size and shape of all makes and models of van. Thanks to the modular design of Syncro products, you can add to, modify or improve your van’s racking system at any time, and even transfer it from one van to another.

01_A roof rack on a van 02_The “Jobcenter”, a multi-purpose accessory for vans from Syncro System North America 03_A cabinet of component cases by Syncro System

Syncro System: an amazing range of products

To respond effectively to the different needs of our customers, Syncro System’s installation centers in the USA and Canada offer an amazing range of van racking products and accessories including drawers, shelves, work benches, loading ramps, roof racks, lights, cargo retaining straps, tough polypropylene containers and component cases. Syncro's design department is also constantly working on new products and improvements to existing ones. Thanks to a system that adapts easily to all makes and models, in over 20 years of activity Syncro has fitted out vans for professionals in all walks of life. Our customers even include large organizations like NATO, Paris city council, Italy’s Ministry of the Interior and a number of telephone companies. What more proof do you want? Syncro really can customize your van to meet your needs.

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