Syncro System North America: the people to ask about mobile workshops

01_A Syncro System installation center 02_Inside one of our installation centers

To combine the convenience and equipment of a workshop with the practicality and mobility of a van, you need safe, robust and lightweight racking. Syncro System installation centers in the USA and Canada have everything it takes to turn your van into a great mobile workshop.

01_A mobile workshop in a van 02_Everything you need to work on the move 03_A work bench in a Syncro System mobile workshop 04_Some accessories

Everything you need for a fully equipped mobile workshop

The Syncro Group has the experience to turn any commercial vehicle into a fully equipped workshop on wheels, with everything you need to work away from base.

A leading name in equipment for mobile workshops, Syncro System North America offers customers effective, tailored solutions for converting trucks and vans into well-organized workshops. Syncro van workshops have plenty of storage for carrying tools, spare parts, materials and machinery and ample room for working in comfort.

An end to chaos thanks to Syncro mobile workshop racking

Tough, lightweight components

Syncro System mobile workshops are based on robust but lightweight racking products and accessories. And because everything is completely modular and easy to combine, Syncro racking systems can be installed in all models of van. Made from top quality materials like plywood, aluminum and high strength steel, Syncro products are virtually indestructible too and can even be re-used when you change your van. Syncro racking is shaped by laser cutting machines for maximum accuracy and formed using the latest generation of CNC bending machines.

01_Under-floor drawers make more room in your workshop 02_Custom shelving for a mobile workshop 03_Clear containers in a mobile workshop

Making your van more functional

Once fitted out by Syncro System, your van’s cargo space becomes a super-practical work-room with all the lockers, drawers, shelves and cabinets you need to keep your tools tidy and instantly available. Like any good workshop, Syncro van workshops can be fitted with work benches for repairs and servicing in the field, component and tool cases, vises, hooks, loading ramps and, of course, protective liners to keep your van’s bodywork safe from damage. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a great mobile workshop, save time and money, and project a more professional image, come and speak to us at Syncro System North America. We guarantee short installation times and complete customer assistance too.

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