Syncro System USA and Syncro System Canada have chosen specialization as the best way to respond to your needs accurately and efficiently. This choice is clearly paying off, since the number of tradesmen and professionals (plumbers, electricians, installation and service engineers and sales reps) choosing to fit out their vans with Syncro System van racking is rising every year.

01_ A van fitted out by Syncro System02_Shelves and drawers for working vans 03_Vice supports, shelves and component cases from Syncro North America 04_Syncro System van racking

Modular products for vans

The equipment designed, produced, distributed and installed by Syncro System in North America is all made in Italy using top quality materials (aluminum, steel sheet, tread plate and strong plastic). Syncro products are also made for maximum modularity.

The Syncro Group began producing van racking twenty years ago and has never done anything else since. Syncro products (including the latest articles to emerge from the Syncro design office) are all fully compatible in their external dimensions to satisfy differing customer needs and adapt to all models of van.

01_Clear containers for vans, from Syncro North America 02_ Syncro under-floor drawers 03_Cabinets of plastic containers from Syncro System USA and Canada

Liners and other equipment for working vans

Liners play a fundamental role in any Syncro racking system. Floor liners protect the original van floor against scratches and dents, reinforce it and level it. Pre-shaped lining panels provide effective protection for side walls, bulkheads and doors and windows. Most van bodywork is thin and easily damaged, and in time, dents and scratches lead to rust and even perforation. The liners fitted by Syncro USA and Canada prevent damage to your van, extend its life and keep its trade-in value high.

Syncro System North America supplies a vast range of racking and cargo retainers for all makes and models of van. Our racking lets you carry all kinds of material (tools, spare parts and equipment) securely and in perfect order. The Syncro catalog includes various models of shelves, drawers and containers as well as work benches to let you carry out minor repairs in your van and to mount vises and other items of equipment. Syncro racking systems can also be complemented by a broad selection of accessories, including hand-wash kits, fixed and adjustable interior and exterior lights, can holders, tanks and whatever else you need for your daily work. Our catalog also includes roof bars, roof racks and ladder racks.

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