With over 60,000 installations to our name and 20 years of experience, Syncro System is one of the top names in van racking. Our reputation and success are the result of a strategic decision: back in 1996 we decided to focus exclusively on van racking. By dedicating all our attention to the design, production and installation of racking, accessories and liners for commercial vehicles, we have perfected a system capable of satisfying all possible requirements and guaranteeing unbeatable quality and safety. And every Syncro System dealer and installation center receives the same specialist training!

01_A van with racking system and loading ramp02_Van racking from Syncro System in North America03_ Syncro System racking in a van

The evolution of van racking

Continuous improvement is one of the pillars of our philosophy and has allowed us to develop one of the most advanced van racking systems in the world. Thanks to direct contact with users and by listening carefully to user requests, Syncro has always kept ahead of the times. Our highly qualified technicians work day in, day out to improve our production system and the design of existing products (including drawers, floor liners, wall and door liners, lockers, work benches, vise benches and shelves). They are always busy developing new articles and accessories too. The latest additions to our range include four new folding ramps in aluminum and Multibox cabinets in high strength steel and plastic.

01_A van racking system 02_Various racking modules in a van fitted out by Syncro in North America03_Drawers in a van racking system

Syncro van racking: top quality and total safety

Because we specialize in van racking, we use only the most advanced production methods and technologies to ensure maximum quality and safety. Fully computerized design and production and the latest manufacturing systems allow us to achieve an unrivalled level of precision. For example, cut-through design is one of the sophisticated technologies we use to make Syncro racking components like drawer cabinets. This innovative technique eliminates excess material and significantly reduces the weight of the finished product.

01_Van racking components from Syncro North America 02_A close-up of the racking 03_Shelving in a van

Fitting out a van is not a skill you can acquire from one day to the next. You need experience, competence and dedication. Over 20 years focused exclusively on van racking has given Syncro System North America exactly what it takes. Our success proves the point.

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