Van ventilation accessories

Technicians in many areas of industry have to transport potentially hazardous substances in their vans. Legislation requires proper ventilation of the cargo space to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.

Syncro System North America can install all the accessories you need to comply with the technical standards and legislation applicable to your cargo and vehicle. Syncro System’s expert staff will be happy to advise on the most suitable products.

01_A van vent 02_A van vent from Syncro System North America 03_A floor ventilation grille from Syncro North America 04_A floor vent for proper air circulation

Fan ventilation systems

The simplest way to ensure good air circulation in your van when the doors are closed is to fit vents and floor grilles. To guarantee a more efficient exchange of air, these simple accessories can be complemented by powered fans.

01_A van roof fan 02_A van roof fan from Syncro North America 03_A Syncro System van ventilation system

Fans are installed in the van roof with a selector in the cab to control fan speed and the direction of air flow, into or out of the van.

Wind-driven extractors

00_Wind-driven air extractor for the van04_Ventrot11_VentrotG 12_Ventrot G Wind-driven air extractor

You can choos from three different models of wind-driven extractors, including a low-profile version for use under roof bars or roof racks. 

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