Syncro’s North American racking centers supply a complete range of accessories for securing cargo inside your van

Professionals who work on the move know how important it is to ensure the safety of cargo as they drive from one job to the next. Syncro System North America supplies an extensive range of cargo retaining accessories for all possible requirements.



Our customers’ favorite cargo retaining system is without a doubt the ROTM rail and strap. This superb rail and strap combination boasts a load capacity of up to 4,000 kg (nearly 9,000 lb), making it the perfect choice for heavy cargo. Rails can be fitted to the sides of the van or to racking modules. Made from steel bars, Syncro rails are accurately cut to length to ensure easy installation in the load compartment and to provide rigid anchorage for cargo retaining straps. The robust and resistant straps can be attached and released quickly and easily thanks to a practical ratchet.

The system can be used with...

Movable attachments. Specially designed hooks etc., can be fitted at any position along the rail and moved around as needed.


02_An aluminum bar and strap retaining system03_An aluminum bar and strap attachment 04_A multi-purpose cargo retaining system from Syncro System North America 05_A retaining bar with a rubber profile to prevent scratching

The straps used with our rail-based systems can also be used with BARALL aluminum bars, another cargo retaining accessory designed and made by Syncro System. The BARALL system is ideal for light to medium loads, and functions much like the rail system seen above. The length of the bar can be decided by the customer. The strap is attached using a special hook attachment.

The system can be used with...

Multi-purpose attachments. Our racking centers can provide pairs of movable and adjustable retaining hooks for fixing ladders, trolleys and ramps, etc.. These attachments can slide along the aluminum bar and be fixed in the desired position by a simple knob. Thanks to a second knob for adjusting depth, this retaining system is ideal for cargos of different shapes and sizes. The cargo side of the bar is covered in soft rubber to prevent scratching and damage.

Movable and adjustable attachments. High-strength steel hooks can be fitted anywhere along the bar and can be adjusted to any depth between 90 and 140 mm (3 ½ to 5 ½”).


An alternative cargo retaining system takes the form of aluminum rails, shaped by milling to hold posts, straps or hooks. Syncro System makes three different versions of these rails. Depending on your requirements, Syncro centers can fit them to the walls, floor or ceiling of your van or even to racking modules.


If you cannot or do not want to fit rails or bars in your van, you can still carry cargo safely and securely using Syncro System straps attached to your van’s standard anchor rings or to special Syncro anchor rings that can be fitted anywhere in the cargo space, to the floor, walls or ceiling.

A little detail makes a big difference

To stop your van’s walls or racking from scratching delicate cargo, Syncro System racking centers recommend that you fit our special PRF1470 steel bar with a non-scratch rubber profile. This bar can be fitted to the wall of your van or to the racking, above or below the rails, bars or straps. With this bar in place, cargo is held firmly against a soft but resistant hollow profile in pralene rubber that absorbs shock and eliminates the risk of dents and scratches.

Here’s our latest ultra-rapid cargo retaining system!

01_A strap and tensioner cargo retaining system by Syncro System 02_A strap and tensioner attached to a rail on a van’s side wall03_A load secured to a metal cargo rail by a Syncro System strap and tensioner 04_A strap and tensioner fixed to the floor 05_Using a strap and tensioner to secure cargo 06_Cargo secured to the van floor with a Syncro strap and tensioner

The Syncro strap and tensioner comes in two versions:

  • Basic. The tensioner unit is fixed to the van floor at any distance up to about 1.7 meters (5 ½’) from a floor anchor ring. The strap is extended manually over the cargo and attached to the anchor ring. The strap is then tensioned and locked with the orange lever, holding the cargo firmly in position until released. This version is extremely practical and can be used virtually anywhere in the van.
  • With adapters. The tensioner unit is fixed to a metal cargo rail by means of an adapter. A second special attachment is provided to secure the other end of the strap to another point on the same rail. The benefit of this system is its flexibility.

Much more...

The Syncro catalog doesn’t stop at straps, rails and bars! Syncro centers in the USA and Canada have a vast range of products to satisfy the most diverse needs. Our range of hooks is particularly impressive. We have already mentioned Syncro’s multi-purpose hooks and straps for cargo rails. We also have pivoting and fixed hooks for use with rope and elastic ties. These can be used with our aluminum cargo bars or fixed in place independently using bolts or threaded inserts in the floor or walls. Our catalog also includes garment hanger clamps and special steel and rubber hooks.

If you have to carry lots of screwdrivers, wrenches and other small hand tools, the Syncro team can install wall panels in various sizes with metal or plastic hooks, and tool racks with plastic clips and hooks. We even have special racks for tubes of silicone, complete with holes for the nozzles, and practical tidy nets for frequently used items. Syncro has dedicated products for storing your spare wheel in the back of your van, carrying fire extinguishers and cables too. Our practical cast aluminum cable holders are ideal for carrying cable in coils.


Tested hook 1Tested hook 2Tested hook 3The label on a certified strap

We may not be the only ones to claim that our hooks and straps are tough enough for the job, but: 

  1. Ourstraps are all certified to DIN EN 12 195-2 as demonstrated by the presence on each strap of a label listing essential information on its origin and performance, (label color depends on strap material):
  2. Some of our hooks (ROTAL-GNC, ROTAL-GNC.AN and GNBC) have been tested according to ISO 27956 and have passed with flying colors. 


 01_Tidy net 02_Laptop PC stand for the cab

You often need a rigid surface for a PC or other item of equipment in the cab as well as in the back of your van. The Syncro laptop stand is the perfect answer to this problem. The stand incorporates a telescopic, height-adjustable aluminum post that fixes easily to the base of the passenger seat. The stand is compatible with all types of notebook and laptop PC.

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