Lighting accessories for vans

Thanks to Syncro System van lighting accessories, there’s no need to stop work when the sun goes down. Syncro’s adjustable halogen spotlights, rotating beacons and neon lights help you to see in the dark!

The following photos provide a quick overview of the many solutions you can find at Syncro System’s North American racking centers: LED ceiling lights for more effective illumination at less cost, swiveling halogen spotlights for bright light wherever you need it, rotating beacons for warning other road users of your presence in low light conditions or emergencies on construction sites or public highways, and LED spots for bright light with a consumption of only 18 Watts.

01_An LED ceiling light for vans 03_A rotating beacon for vans 04_A swiveling spotlight from Syncro System North America 05_An LED spotlight for vans
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