Security is a major concern for anybody who has to carry valuable tools and equipment around. For Syncro, the term “security” covers safety inside the van, the security of valuable tools, equipment and instruments, and health and safety at work too

Syncro System’s North American racking centers can satisfy all your needs in this area with a series of accessories designed to improve the safety and security of working in your van.

Security accessories

Let’s start with Syncro’s stick-on window films. Ideal for van side and rear windows, these films are see-through on the inside but black on the outside to prevent passers-by from seeing what’s inside your van. They add a touch of elegance too! To securitize the doors, Syncro offers a series of innovative steel locks, complete with plastic covers and flanges. Our and “UFO"  (Ufo Classic, Ufo 3 Smart Duo, Ufo 3 Comfort)  locks are semi-spherical models with a drill-proof, pick-proof cylinder.  In other words, they're thief-proof! 

For driver and passenger safety, Syncro can provide an essential first aid case containing everything you could possibly need for cuts and minor injuries.

01_Privacy film for van windows 02_Ufo Classic from Syncro North America03_Syncro’s semi-spherical van door lock Saturn Evo 04_Ufo 3 comfort

Syncro’s fold-away worktable for vans 

Syncro’s worktable with folding legs is just what you need for all those small maintenance and repair jobs, as it forms a perfectly flat worktop wherever you are. It’s great for supporting and moving stuff too, and for loading material into the van. This great little table opens and folds away in no time. The table extended table is 85 cm high and provides a work surface of 80 x 61 cm. Maximum load is 450 kg. 

01_Worktable for vans02_Opel worktable for vansFold-away worktable for vans 

Verandas and awning for vans 

Thanks to Syncro System, you can even create work areas outside your van that are protected from the sun and rain. Syncro awnings can be up to 180 cm long, while Syncro verandas reach 250 cm and come with telescopic legs for support. Awnings and verandas must be fixed to the side of your van. 

01_A Syncro System van awning02_A Syncro System van veranda

Slides for vans

Syncro’s ball-bearing mounted slides are another great example of multi-functionality. These slides are ideal for pulling heavy equipment, machines or cargo out of the van. Syncro slides are available in various configurations (e.g. for funeral caskets, pickup trucks and air compressors) and form an irreplaceable part of any specialist racking system!

A funeral casket slide by Syncro North America A generator slide from Syncro North America A tailgate slide in a pickup truck

Slides for pickups

Pickup truck racking systems have to be carefully thought out. After all, the pickup is not a van: its load bed is completely open and, though large enough in surface area, it has very low walls.

Syncro offers under-floor storage systems with fully opening drawers mounted on ball-bearing runners that incorporate a system for holding the drawer open, closed and in intermediate positions. Syncro’s under-floor storage system for pickup trucks also includes a storage well behind the cab, where it is only accessible from above.

01_Syncro’s new storage system for pickup trucks 02_An under-floor drawer unit for pickups 03_A pickup truck with a new under-floor drawer system 04_Internal dividers in the pickup’s under-floor drawer 05_An aluminum tread plate floor over a fully opening drawer in a pickup truck 06_A lockable storage compartment in the back of a pickup truck

Syncro System North America has exactly the right accessory for your needs, whatever your line of work and whatever make and model of van you drive!

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