The van is an amazingly versatile vehicle, particularly if fitted out by a Syncro System racking center. Thanks to the vast range of accessories available from Syncro centers in North America, you can enjoy all possible conveniences in your van!

Sink kit, hand-wash kit and dry wipes: a range of solutions for cleanliness on the move

01_A hand-wash kit 02_A paper roll holder02_Rain cover for paper roll holders03_“Scrubs” dry wipes 03_A sink unit for vans

No convenient restroom? That normally means there’s no way to wash your hands, clean your tools or even damp a sponge. No worries! The Syncro sink kit comes to the rescue! Compact and practical, the kit includes a tap connected a 12 V pressure-activated switch that controls an immersion pump. The pump draws water from one or two 20-liter (5 ¼ gallon) plastic water containers and delivers it to a practical stainless-steel sink.

This kit is already ultra-compact but if you want something smaller, try the Syncro hand-wash kit made up of a water canister with a tap, mounted in a dedicated steel rack. 

For drying hands, wiping down equipment and soaking up spilled liquids, there’s our paper roll holder, available in two widths to suit different roll sizes. If you have a paper roll holder attached to one of your van's doors, now you can add a cover to keep the paper dry when it rains. 

You can even keep clean with no water at all! Syncro’s “Scrubs” dry wipes come in packs of 72 wipes and are amazingly effective in removing grease, lubricants, adhesives, oils, tar or bitumen, ink and even wax.

Alcohol-based gel and concentrated hand sanitiser with holder

Alcohol-based disinfectant gel for handsHolder for Syncro hand sanitising products New super-concentrated hand sanitiser with quaternary ammonium salts

Syncro System has added two new hand sanitising products to its 2020 range of cleaning accessories: 

  • A rinse-free alcohol-based gel, containing over 60% alcohol, that leaves your hands refreshed and perfumed;
  • A concentrated hand sanitiser, containing quaternary ammonium salts, with a guaranteed disinfectant action against bacteria, viruses, spores, and other harmful organisms.

Both these new products can be poured into a dedicated dispenser and carried in a special holder on racking side panels or on your van’s walls or doors. 

A removable tilting waste bin, fully compatible with Syncro racking systems

04_A Syncro van waste bin in a racking system 05_Emptying the Syncro waste bin05_Removing the Syncro waste bin from its cabinet

The latest idea from Syncro in the field of cleanliness is this removable tilting waste bin, developed in response to customer requests. The bin is the ideal repository for all the waste you produce as you work. Compact on the outside, the bin is still big enough to hold a whole day’s waste, meaning you no longer have to ask your customers for favors or leave the floor of the van cluttered with paper and wrappings. The Syncro bin is a practical solution to the problem of waste. Ask any Syncro center in the USA or Canada for details.

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