Syncro North America: racking for the Ford Connect

Until 2001, the Courier was the model that satisfied the needs of small van market. Then, in 2002, Ford launched a whole new generation of small vans, abandoning the classic ‘box behind cab’ design. When the new Connect was presented, it featured flowing lines that embraced the cab and cargo space to create a far more attractive look. The Connect was launched in two body versions (short wheelbase, low roof; long wheelbase, high roof), and with a choice of engines too.

The Ford Connect is the ideal van for anybody who needs a well-organized work space and does not have to carry large quantities of materials, cargo or equipment. If you want to keep everything tidy and instantly accessible in the back of your Connect, get in touch now with a Syncro System van racking center in the USA or Canada. Our expert staff have been working with the Connect for years and have installed all kinds of racking system for customers in all walks of life. They’ll be happy to advise you and design a unique racking system to satisfy whatever needs your business has.

Protective liners for the Ford Connect

A Ford Connect with a floor liner, wall liners and bulkhead barrier Liners for the Connect by Syncro System North America Syncro System wall lining panels for the Connect

Your van needs to be properly protected before any racking is installed. Syncro racking centers in the USA and Canada can help you choose the most suitable floor, door and wall liners as well as protection for other areas of exposed bodywork, to prevent the dents and scratches that lead to rust and holes in the bodywork.

Racking for your own needs

Racking for the Ford Connect Metal drawers, a vise support and plastic containers in a Connect, by Syncro North AmericaMetal shelving in a Ford Connect

Drawers and shelves form the backbone of any Ford Connect racking system. How many you install, and how to arrange them, is up to you, of course! Our technicians are always on hand to listen to your requests and devise the most practical racking system for your van and your business needs. Syncro System can supply and fit lockers, custom-made work benches, clear containers and other forms of storage to exploit every inch of space in the back of your van.

A vast range of accessories for the Ford Connect

A Ford Connect with racking and equipment by Syncro Customized racking by Syncro System in a ConnectFloor and wall liners by Syncro System in a ConnectA Syncro System paper roll holder in a Connect

Syncro System North America also supplies accessories for specific purposes. Our range includes pull-out vise supports, paper roll holders, soap dispensers, cargo retaining hooks and straps and even large items like awnings and curtains to enclose the area around your van’s rear or side doors and provide protection in bad weather.

Roof and ladder racks for the Connect

A multi-purpose roof rack on a Ford Connect A roof rack on a Ford Connect

If you need to carry cargo on the roof of your Ford Connect, Syncro System centers in the USA and Canada can fit your van with customized roof bars or a roof rack. These tough accessories feature Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent cross-bars to eliminate vibration and noise on the road.

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