How Syncro North America converted an NV300 into a mobile workshop

Nissan launched the NV300 as its offering for the medium van segment at the Hannover IAA late in 2016. The NV300 fits neatly between the NV200 and the NV400 in the company’s range of commercial vehicles. The NV300 uses the same basic platform as the Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic and Fiat Talento, differing only in bodywork details.

Its practical dimensions make it a great working van, suited to carrying cargo, equipment and tools, and easy to convert into a mobile workshop thanks to specially designed equipment and accessories. Ask Syncro Usa and Canada workshop for a no-obligation, personal quote for fitting out your own Nissan NV300!

Liners for the Nissan NV300

01_An NV300 with body liners fitted by Syncro Usa and Canada02_Steel and aluminium tread plate liners by Syncro North America in an NV300 03_Plywood and aluminium tread plate floor liners for the NV300

Syncro North America offers an impressively wide choice of floor and body liners for the Nissan NV300, allowing you to choose between different materials and finishes. If you want a bright, uniform look for your van’s interior, your best option is to specify aluminium tread plate. As these photos show, this tough material can be applied to the floor and bulkhead. The doors and walls can then be lined either in painted steel sheet or once again in aluminium tread plate. Syncro’s Usa and Canada workshop can also supply and fit floor liners in resin or rubber coated plywood, wall lining panels in smooth or rice-grain aluminium or tough honeycomb plastic, and liners for doors, windows and wheel arches too.

A racking system with drawers, shelves and accessories for the NV300

01_The NV300 with racking on both sides, by Syncro Usa and Canada02_Drawers, case storage and shelves in the Nissan NV300 03_The NV300’s fold-away vice bench04_Case storage by Syncro North America in the NV300’s racking system

Once the liners were in place, Syncro Usa and Canada team began installing the racking system previously agreed in discussions with the customer. In this van, racking modules have been installed only along the van’s side walls, leaving the bulkhead free to be fitted with a versatile bar and strap cargo retaining system. To maximise a van’s efficiency, accessories have to be chosen carefully to meet the needs of the user. In this particular case, the customer chose to install a fold-away vice bench with built-in support, which converts into an effective work surface in just a few seconds.

A roof transport system for the Nissan NV300

01_The Nissan NV300 with a ladder rack by Syncro Usa and Canada02_A roof rack with Ultrasilent profiles on the NV300

If you operate a medium or large van, you know how important it is to be able to carry cargo and equipment on the roof. Syncro’s Usa and Canada workshop supplies roof racks with rear rollers and side fences, single or two-slide ladder racks and closed transport tubes. All Syncro roof transport systems come with Ultrasilent cross-bars that generate significantly less noise and vibration when the van is moving.

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