An NV200 with Syncro liners, racking and accessories

Following on the commercial success of the Vanette, Japanese car makers Nissan recently launched a new small-medium van to serve the commercial vehicle market: Nissan NV200. The van body provides a cargo space of 122 cu.ft.. This is more than adequate for installing Syncro System racking modules. Though compact in size, the cargo space of the new Nissan can be fitted out as an excellent mobile workshop, complete with drawers, storage units, work benches and shelves. The fact that the floor is relatively low makes the task of loading and unloading equipment and materials particularly easy, and also facilitates access to the inside of the van.

Liners for the Nissan NV200

Syncro System liners in a Nissan NV200 in North America Syncro System body liners in a Nissan NV200A Syncro System bulkhead liner in a Nissan NV200Syncro System wheel arch covers and wall lining panels in an NV200

Syncro System racking centers in North America can supply and install custom-made liners to protect the cargo space of your NV200. Syncro installation centers offer both plywood and aluminum liners to reinforce the original floor, along with painted steel or aluminum panels to protect the walls against scratches and dents, bulkhead liners and even protective panels for the doors.

A complete racking system for the Nissan NV200

Once your NV200 has been properly protected against impacts and scratches, the interior can be equipped with Syncro System racking in the form of cabinets and drawers, shelves with metal space dividers and plastic trays, clear plastic containers and an amazing choice of accessories to transform your van into a beautifully equipped and superbly functional workshop on wheels.

Syncro racking in a Nissan NV200Racking by Syncro System North America in a Nissan NV200Syncro System racking in a Nissan NV200

Alternatively, if you need to keep most of the floor free for cargo and materials, Syncro can fit your NV200 with a simpler racking system along just one side of the van. Drawers and shelves can provide plenty of storage for your working tools and materials while most of the floor remains free for loading bulky equipment and materials.

Space-saving storage for the NV200

Another way to save space is to install under-floor drawers. These provide a generous amount of storage while leaving the complete floor area free for cargo and large items of equipment.

A Nissan NV200 fitted with an under-floor drawer system by Syncro System North AmericaCargo retaining straps in an NV200 fitted out by Syncro North AmericaA raised-floor storage system by Syncro System in an NV200

Carrying material on the roof of your Nissan NV200

Among so many other products for the NV200, Syncro North America could not omit to offer a complete range of roof transport systems. If you want to make use of all available space and need to carry cargo on the roof of your van, Syncro System installation centers offer a choice of ladder racks, roof bars and roof racks specially made for the NV200. These modular products in steel and aluminum can be configured to suit your own particular needs. And what’s more, they incorporate Syncro’s special Ultrasilent cross-bars for reduced air resistance, noise and vibration when the van is travelling, making your journey far more pleasant.

A Syncro roof rack with loading roller and side fences on a NV200A multi-purpose aluminum roof rack on a NV200
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