Van users love the Mercedes Metris for its robust chassis and its choice of diesel and gasoline engines. A popular model in the medium van class, the Metris is available in a number of versions to meet differing needs and satisfy even the most demanding customers. Buyers are offered a choice of two wheelbases, three body lengths and two roof heights. The largest model boasts 183 cu.ft. of cargo space and can carry a payload of 2500 lbs. The Metris can therefore accommodate racking and accessories with ease. Syncro System, the specialists in van racking and mobile workshops, have been designing and installing custom racking solutions and optimizing space in the Metris since Mercedes first introduced the van.

Bodywork protection for the Metris

Liners in aluminum tread plate in a Metris, by Syncro North America Floor and wall liners in a Metris by Syncro SystemBodywork protection in a Mercedes Metris, by Syncro System

Syncro System’s specialist racking centers in the USA and Canada can fit your Metris with a robust floor liner made from high-grade plywood or aluminum tread plate as well as door and wall liners in painted steel or aluminum sheet. Basic protection for the floor and walls can be complemented by specially made wheel arch covers, a bulkhead liner, panels for the doors and grilles for the rear windows.

Modular, functional racking for the Metris

Racking in a Mercedes MetrisRacking by Syncro System in a Mercedes MetrisClear containers and a paper roll holder in a Metris

Staff at Syncro’s North Americanvan racking centers are happy to place their experience at your service to fit out the cargo space of your Metris exactly as you want it. And Syncro’s modular racking system makes virtually any configuration possible! Our catalog includes cabinets, work surfaces, drawers, containers, shelves, plastic and metal cases and accessories of all kinds. By combining these elements in a smart way, Syncro can turn your Mercedes Metris into an efficient and professional-looking mobile workshop.

Converting the Metris into a mobile workshop

A Metris converted into a mobile workshop by Syncro North AmericaDrawers and cabinets in a Mercedes Metris, by Syncro SystemPlastic containers in a Mercedes MetrisSyncro System lockers and case racks in a Metris

The above photos illustrate a complete racking system in a Mercedes Metris. Racking modules, all fully combinable and compatible, have been installed along the two side walls and the bulkhead. The van has been equipped with generous metal drawers, removable plastic containers, shelves and pull-out component cases. The system also includes accessories like a paper roll holder, cable holders, can racks and a hand-wash kit. This great solution keeps all the user’s tools, spares, materials and equipment in perfect order, meaning no more valuable time wasted searching for lost items on the van floor.

Roof racks for the Metris

A roof rack on a Mercedes Metris, by Syncro System North AmericaA Syncro System roof rack with steel cargo stops for the Metris

Syncro North America also offers safe and silent roof transport. Our roof racks, roof bars and ladder racks  for the Mercedes Metris are designed and made for easy installation and use and feature Syncro’s unique aerodynamic cross-bar profile for less air resistance, noise and vibration.

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