Liners and racking for the Mercedes Sprinter in the USA and Canada

If you are looking for a practical and effective way to use your Mercedes Sprinter for your business, Syncro System North America has exactly the right solution! Syncro System has been producing a wide range of customized racking products and accessories for the Mercedes Sprinter since soon after the vehicle was launched. The Sprinter is a large van and offers the highest load capacity of all vehicles in its class. Payload can reach 3105 lbs and cargo capacity 600 cu.ft.. As you probably know, the Sprinter comes in a large number of variants: cargo van, passenger wagon, dual purpose and chassis only for special bodies and camper conversions. The Sprinter cargo van comes in four different lengths and three heights. Syncro System centers in Canada and the USA supply special and customized products for all Sprinter versions. Syncro’s top quality, safe and guaranteed products are made from tough but lightweight materials. And modular design means that Syncro products can be combined and interchanged as needed.

Liners for the Sprinter

Liners in a Sprinter, by Syncro System North America Plywood, aluminum and painted steel sheet liners in a SprinterSyncro System wheel arch covers in the Sprinter Liners in a Mercedes Sprinter

Floor and body liners play a key role in the racking solutions installed by Syncro System North America. They help to support the racking itself and serve the essential purpose of protecting the floor and body against the dents, scratches and damage caused by cargo sliding around or falling over inside the van. For your Sprinter, Syncro System North America offers floor liners in resin-coated marine-grade plywood or aluminum tread plate, wall lining panels in painted steel or aluminum sheet, and even bulkhead liners, wheel arch covers and door liners. The photos above show a Sprinter with a resin-coated plywood floor liner and aluminum wall liners. The van is also fitted with steel and aluminum wheel arch covers.

Drawers and shelves for the Sprinter

Syncro System racking in a SprinterContainers and drawers in a Sprinter Clear drawers in a Sprinter equipped by Syncro North America

In addition to liners, Syncro System centers throughout the USA and Canada can supply and fit everything you need to turn your Sprinter into a travelling workshop: shelves, drawers, containers for tools and spares, and accessories of all kinds. The photos above show the inside of a Sprinter fitted out with shelves on the left and clear containers on the right.

Custom racking for the Sprinter

A Sprinter with body liners by Syncro A vise support in a Sprinter racking system Shelving for a mobile workshop in a Sprinter Racking in a Sprinter

These photos illustrate a racking system in a Mercedes Sprinter with a floor liner and bulkhead liner in aluminum tread plate. The racking itself includes spacious and practical metal drawers, shelves, a compartment for tool cases and useful accessories like a pull-out work table with vise.

Super-silent roof racks and loading ramps for the Sprinter

Loading ramps for the Sprinter Multi-purpose roof bars for the Sprinter Single-slide ladder rack for the Sprinter

Even the roof of your Sprinter can carry cargo and materials thanks to Syncro System roof racks and ladder racks. These totally safe and reliable racks feature Syncro’s patented Ultrasilent cross-bars for a superbly quiet ride. Ultrasilent cross-bars are specially designed to reduce air resistance, vibration and noise when your van is travelling.

To facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment to and from the roof of your Sprinter, Syncro also supplies ramps and rear access ladders. Syncro ramps come in load capacities from 440 to 4000 lbs and can be made entirely from aluminum (for lower weight and cost) or in aluminum and steel for greater strength.

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