With a Syncro System vise and bench, professionals who work on the move can count on a safe, secure tool for gripping parts and materials. When working at the roadside, on a construction site or at customers’ premises, you often have to cut, thread or solder some component or another. Without a vise and bench, holding the part you are working on can be a headache.

Syncro System North America can solve the problem by fitting your van with a practical pull-out or fold-away vise bench.

Pull-out vise bench

01_Opening a Syncro pull-out vise bench02_A fold-away vise bench in use02_A pull-out vise bench in extended position03_A fold-away vise bench for vans

Our pull-out bench takes up only a minimum of space in the back of your van and is beautifully simple to use. You simply unscrew two knobs, pull out the bench, tighten the knobs again and start work. High strength steel construction and bead welds ensure maximum strength. The bench itself is made from resin-coated, marine grade plywood with stainless steel fittings.

Fold-away vise bench

01_A van vise in extruded steel 02_A vise for vans 03_ Syncro’s special pipe vise

Our fold-away vise bench is robust and practical with it. To open or close the stand, you just pull the release lever. Thanks to a special Syncro System patent, the stainless steel stand opens and closes automatically along with the bench. The bench even locks automatically in open and closed position, thanks to a specially designed mechanism in the base of the stand.

As with all Syncro van racking products, our vise benches can be integrated in all racking systems and fitted in all models of van. Syncro vise benches can be fitted with a range of vises, all equally robust and functional. Syncro supplies various sizes of forged steel, parallel jaw vises, complete with pipe jaws. Our catalogue also includes a fold-away bench with a specially designed pipe vise.

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