The back of most vans just isn’t big enough for certain items. Ladders, pipes and large boxes often present problems. In such cases the only solution is to carry them on the roof. In addition to racking and accessories, Syncro centers in the USA and Canada can fit your van with a robust, lightweight roof rack or ladder rack to let you carry even the most awkward items. Painters, electricians, plumbers and others who work on the move need a practical and reliable way to carry ladders and other long or bulky items on the roof of their vans. Syncro System roof racks and ladder racks are made from lightweight, weather-resistant materials like stainless steel, rubber and aluminum. The modular design of Syncro roof transport systems makes them easy to combine and expand. For example you can start by fitting simple roof bars and then add a ladder rack or a rear roller. Syncro roof transport systems can easily be modified if your needs change, and you can even move them from one van to another just by changing the fittings.

Syncro’s new ULTRASILENT profiles

There’s no end to the surprises with Syncro System! Here’s the latest development in cross-bar design for van roof racks. It’s called ULTRASILENT and involves the application of a special ridged profile under the cross-bar. What’s that for? It reduces by 50% the noise and vibration caused by vortices between the cross-bar and the roof when your van is travelling. This latest development, based on the fourth version of Syncro's patented Supersilent cross-bars, helps prevent the formation of Von Karman vortices – the turbulence that forms when an airflow strikes a round shape and the cause of all the vibration and noise.

01_Ultrasilent profiles break up Von Karman vortices02_Von Karman vortices produced by a normal roof bar02_Profilo normale barra portatutto ed effetto Scie di Von Karman04__The Ultrasilent roof barUltrasilent logo

Syncro System ladder racks

Rear access ladderRoof bar and tube carrier for vans Roof bars for vans by Syncro in USA and CanadaRoof rack by Syncro USASteel walkway for safe movement on the van roof

Syncro System roof bars are made from extruded aluminum while all the fittings, cargo stops and fasteners are in stainless steel. The tops of the bars incorporate protective rubber profiles. Syncro roof racks consist of a series of bars with rubber topside profiles and two side fences. Complete roof racks also include a rear roller for easy loading and unloading. If you need to walk around on the roof of your van, ask Syncro to install a walkway with a hig-grip surface. 

Syncro System ladder racks

A ladder rack from Syncro North AmericaA Syncro ladder rack on a vanA system for carrying ladders on your vanSyncro North America offers a choice of ladder racks for all models of van

Syncro ladder racks are available in a simple pivoting version or with a practical damping mechanism that eliminates the effort of loading and unloading. Both versions are available with one or two ladder slides.

To make roof loading even easier, Syncro can install a practical rear access ladder in lightweight aluminum. And if you need to carry long items like pipes, Syncro can fit your van with a rear-access transport tube.

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