Drawer cabinets are a smart way for van users to carry lots of different materials, tools, components and spares in an orderly manner, with everything held securely in place when the van is on the road yet easy to find when needed. Installing one or more drawer cabinets is the best way to store and transport tools and small items of equipment: drawers help you work more efficiently, protect tools and equipment against damage, and provide easy access to contents when needed. Syncro drawer cabinets are specially designed for installation in van racking systems, to keep your tools and equipment tidy and safe. Syncro System North America has a wide range of drawer cabinets to choose from. The cabinet and the drawer bodies are made from high-strength steel to limit weight and ensure the necessary strength. The unique features of Syncro drawers make them easy to use and long-lasting. The runners are ball-bearing mounted and telescopic in action, allowing the drawer to open all the way. A double latch in the front panel automatically holds the drawer closed, while a simple lever hidden in the recessed handle releases it for opening. All drawers come complete with non-slip mats and space dividers with special anti-vibration fittings.

Front and side-opening drawer cabinets for vans

01_A side-opening drawer cabinet for vans, from Syncro North America02_A drawer cabinet showing the runners03_A side-opening drawer cabinet in a van04_A drawer in fully open position

Most drawer cabinets are designed for installation along your van’s side walls and are therefore not very deep. To open the drawers, you have to climb into the back of your van.

00_The frame of a drawer cabinet01_Dividers in a drawer02_A non-slip mat for van drawers04_Plastic trays in a van drawer

Side-opening drawer cabinets on the other hand are made to be accessed from outside the van. These cabinets have the same dimensions as standard front-opening ones. What changes is the direction of opening: the drawers can be opened from the van's or rear doors without climbing on board. Side-opening drawers are long and narrow but, thanks to strong telescopic runners they can still open all the way, so that neither capacity nor access are compromised.

Multibox cabinets with clear plastic containers

Syncro’s MULTIBOX cabinets with plastic containers are designed to carry large quantities of small parts and spares. The containers themselves are made from tough, clear plastic that is resistant to impacts, oils and other corrosive agents. They also feature a patented system for holding them shut and can be released and opened simply by tilting them upwards.

Containers in clear plasticContainers in super-strong clear plasticMultibox clear containers for vans, from Syncro North America

Large capacity transparent tilting container cabinet for vansLarge capacity transparent tilting container cabinet for vansSyncro transparent container cabinets for vans

Syncro is constantly improving the modularity and flexibility of its transparent tilting container cabinets. Here are the latest models: 

  • height 180 mm, depth 110 mm, with plastic body for one single container or two smaller containers side by side, in horizontal modules
  • height 252 mm, depth 160 mm, with body for one single container
  • special metal body for one row of 180 mm containers and one of 252 mm, one row above the other
  • large capacity cabinet, height 324 mm!

Space dividers for drawers

Easy drawer action is guaranteed by special wear-resistant runners. Drawers can be fitted with one or two aluminum dividers to carry different size items or to keep parts separate. A label holder on the front panel lets you identify contents without having to search.

01_A practical drawer in a van02_A van drawer cabinet from Syncro
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