Our metal shelves, all complete with non-slip mats and aluminum space dividers, form the core of Syncro racking systems. Top quality materials, consolidated experience, and properly trained staff ensure the functionality of these and all other Syncro System products. In van workshops, shelves maximize available space by arranging cargo, equipment and materials in an orderly, secure manner. Syncro shelves are fixed to the floor and walls along with other racking modules to form a solid, stable and secure structure.

Shelves with space dividers, shelves for containers, open and closed shelves

Syncro shelves are trapezoidal in cross section: in other words, the front is lower than the back. The low front provides easy access to contents while the higher back stops tools and components falling out. Space dividers are made from anodized aluminum to minimize the weight of the shelving unit. And to prevent vibration and noise, dividers are isolated from the metal shelf by special plastic inserts that hold the dividers in place and stop them working free. Depending on length, Syncro shelves can be fitted with between 1 and 12 dividers. Shelves can be installed one on top of another and are available in different heights too. For maximum capacity and excellent separation between shelf compartments, the best solutions is a high-back shelf. In this version, the shelf back and the dividers have a height of 180 mm. 

01_A shelf unit from Syncro North America02_A high back shelf02_A stack of shelves03_A shelf door mechanism

Syncro North America can fit out all makes and models of small, medium and large van. Even industrial vehicles can be catered for! Syncro’s vast range of products includes full length trays for installation at the top of racking systems. Fitted with access doors at the rear, these trays come without space dividers and are ideal for carrying long items like pipes and cable channels.

01_Plastic containers on shelves02_A Syncro container compared with a conventional alternative03_A shelf unit for plastic containers

Closed and special purpose shelves

Syncro System also supplies shelves with doors. Pivoting doors with gas spring opening mechanisms prevent items from falling out when the van is moving while permitting rapid access. Syncro shelf doors can be fitted at any time, even after installation of the racking.

Van users like electricians, plumbers and builders often use cases for carrying hand tools, power tools and other items of equipment. The Syncro catalog now includes specially designed sloping trays for carrying tool cases. These trays incorporate stops that be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes of case. Though designed with Syncro System tool and component cases in mind, they can be used to carry any type of steel, aluminum or plastic case. Various types of retaining strap are also available for securing cases.

01_A tool case drawer incorporated in a shelving unit02_Component cases in a Syncro shelving unit03_A pull-out computer desk

New fold-away shelves for couriers

This type of shelf is specially designed for express couriers and rapid delivery services, who want shelves that can easily be removed when not needed. Syncro System has the perfect solution to this requirement. Syncro fold-away shelves can be installed along one, two or all three walls of the van to provide ample storage on up to three levels and can be folded away to occupy virtually zero space.

01_Fold-away shelves for express courier02_Fold-away shelves03_Loaded fold-away shelves04_Securing cargo on fold-away shelves05_Fold-away shleves with cargo securing system for vans

Each shelf comes with two cargo rails. One is fixed to the underside of the shelf for use when the shelf is closed. The other is fixed to the wall behind for use when the shelf is folded down.

Stainless-steel tray for transporting liquids

If you often need to carry cans of liquid around in your van, you have almost certainly encountered the problem of spillages. It doesn’t matter how careful you are about closing cans and securing them neatly in place, a few drips and sometimes much more can leak out, causing permanent stains or making the floor slippery and dangerous. At last there’s an answer to this problem, from Syncro, of course! Syncro’s dealer for North Milan Milano now has specially made stainless-steel liquid transport trays. Though open at the top for easy use, the bodies of these trays are completely water-tight and oil-tight. The trays can be installed in your van’s racking at any height using simple screws or stud knobs and can hold a variable number of cans or containers, depending on model. The new trays come in 15 different sizes!


In the event of a leak or accidental spillage, it only takes a few minutes to release and remove the tray, clean and refit it. To secure cans in the tray, Syncro recommends use of a bar and strap system or another similar cargo retaining product.

Custom solutions from Syncro North America

Modular design makes Syncro racking amazingly easy to customize. If you decide to change your van, transferring your racking to a new vehicle is easy. Syncro System minimizes the weight of its racking by limiting the use of high-strength steel to structural parts while using aluminum for space dividers and a special lightweight material for the non-slip mats that stop tools and equipment from sliding around when your steer or brake.

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