If you use your van not just as a means of transport but as a workshop for the various jobs you have to do, Syncro System’s specialist installers are sure to recommend that you include a practical work bench in your racking system. Syncro work benches have a surface made from resin-coated marine grade plywood, and are specially designed for use in van workshops.

01_A work bench for vans from Syncro North America02_A work surface in a van03_A work bench in a van

Strong and practical: Syncro work benches

Do you need a robust bench for using tools and equipment? Or a rigid work surface for trips away from base or home? Syncro System work benches are long-lasting and resistant to wear and liquid spillages. Syncro benches are beautifully compact but still large enough for you to work on without cramping your style. They fit neatly on top of shelf and drawer cabinets, integrate perfectly with all other modules in the Syncro racking system, and provide a solid base on which to work with hand and power tools.

01_A work surface with raised edges from Syncro North America 02_A work surface without raised edges

Workbenches with double protection

Syncro’s plywood worktops with marble-look resin coating can now be reinforced and protected with a sheet of stainless steel.  The stainless-steel covering creates an amazingly strong worktop capable of supporting even the heaviest objects without incurring damage.  Stainless steel makes cleaning really easy and also protects the bench against humidity and accidental spillages. The stainless-steel covering can also be extended to the raised edges at the sides and/or rear of the worktop.

01_workbenches in plywood and stainless steel02_workbenches with stainless steel cover03_workbenches for vans04_Workbench with raised edges
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