Plumbers: more satisfied customers thanks to a custom-made racking system

 If you are a plumber, you know perfectly well that having the right experience and equipment is essential, but on its own still not enough to beat the competition. And lowering your prices is not always a winning strategy. What Syncro System offers you, in the form of a van racking system designed especially for plumbers, is a different proposition altogether. A Syncro racking system dramatically reduces the amount of time you waste searching for what you need, leaving you with more time to satisfy a larger number of customers. Syncro racking also cuts your costs leading to higher profit margins, creates a far more professional image and even helps reduce mistakes! How do we do it? By installing van racking that requires only a small investment but guarantees:

  • Perfect order in your van: no more lost or damaged tools, lower replacement costs, and less time wasted looking for things and putting them away.
  • Enhanced productivity: by eliminating time wasted searching for missing items and replacing lost ones, and by keeping everything tidy and immediately accessible, you finish your jobs faster and never waste a journey.
  • Lower costs: with a Syncro racking system, you always have your spares and materials to hand. And if your stock starts to run low, you can see it instantly and top up in good time.
  • Greater tranquillity: if you know all your tools and materials are exactly where you put them, you can concentrate on serving your customers – and they’ll see the difference too.
  • Greater professionalism: a tidy, efficient-looking van is a clear sign of professionalism. Chaos is not always creative! It more often leads to mistakes and bad workmanship.

An example of a van with racking for a plumber, by Syncro USA and Canada

And now, a practical example. The following photos illustrate a large van fitted with a customised racking system for a plumber by Syncro in North America. 

01_Van racking for plumbers 02_Syncro shelving in a plumber’s van03_Containers in a racking system for a plumber 04_A roof rack system on a plumber’s van

Before installing the racking as such, the van’s floor and parts of the walls were protected with custom-made liners: in robust plywood for the floor and sheet metal for the walls. You might think this is unnecessary: in reality it forms an extremely important part of the installation as it extends the life of your van and avoids the sort of bodywork damage caused by impacts and spillages. The walls of the van were then fitted with cabinets, containers and cargo retaining accessories.

On the left side wall we can see a series of trapezoid-shaped shelves with internal space dividers and non-slip mats, and two metal drawers equipped in the same way. The base of the left side racking consists of a wheel arch cabinet and a case storage compartment. The shelves can be used for a variety of uses, but are best suited to carrying tools, equipment and other small or medium size objects. At the back of the left racking is a compact, easy-to-use, fold-away vice bench.

On the right side wall is a cabinet of removable, tilting containers in transparent plastic. These provide the perfect solution for storing spare parts and sundries. Being able to see what’s inside without having to pull the container out makes finding things and topping up stock beautifully easy. Near the rear door are two extremely useful accessories for securing cargo: a rail and strap system for items that stand on the floor and a holder for hoses or electrical cables.

The van’s bulkhead is equipped with two bar and strap cargo retaining kits to transport bulkier items that cannot be stowed away in drawers or shelves.

Finally, the roof is fitted with a rack featuring Syncro’s Ultrasilent profiles: a great way of creating extra cargo space. Ultrasilent profiles are also amazingly effective at reducing noise and vibration when the van is travelling.

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