A great new product for express couriers: fold-away shelves

1_Open fold-away shelves 2_Closed fold-away shelves 3_Fold-away shelves with cargo 4_Securing cargo retention on fold away shelves5_Safe transportation on fold-away shelves

If you run an express courier business and have to deliver packages and boxes of all sizes, you’ll know all about the problems of carrying different payloads every day, and arranging boxes so that everything is secure for the journey yet immediately accessible when you reach your destination.

Thankfully, Syncro System has the perfect racking solution for express courier vans, based on fold-away shelves that satisfy all the key requirements of this kind of work. Let’s take a look together!

1. Flexible shelving configurations

Depending on the needs of the van user, Syncro’s fold-away shelves can be installed at different heights one above the other and along one, two or all three of the van's inside walls, occupying the full height of the van if necessary. The shelves can be used all open, all closed, or in any combination of open and closed. These two characteristics ensure that users can always find the perfect solution for their needs, thanks to an almost limitless number of configurations!

2. Simple and quick to use

Each shelf is fully independent of the others. With a simple gesture it can be folded up to closed position or lowered into open position and even locked in place if necessary. The locking mechanisms are intuitive and easy to operate and guaranteed to hold the shelves firmly in position.

3. Secure cargo retention

Express couriers place great emphasis on safe transportation and do all they can to avoid damage to cargo that not only eats into profits but gives the company a bad name. In Syncro fold-away shelving, each shelf is equipped with two bar-and-strap retaining systems, one fixed to the underside of the shelf and the other fixed to the wall behind. These quick to use systems are extremely effective in securing parcels and boxes, and prevent cargo shifting or falling off.

4. Lightweight but strong structure

Syncro fold-away shelves consist of metal uprights at either side and a variable number of plywood shelves supported by slender steel wires. The design of the structure and the choice of materials minimizes weight while ensuring maximum resistance to impact and stress during the loading and unloading of payloads.

Want to work more efficiently? Ask any Syncro dealer in the USA or Canada for a personalized offer (obligation-free of course) for the installation of fold-away shelves in your van!

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