Customised van racking helps an electrician work faster and more efficiently

Syncro North America. How much does an electrician charge for an hour’s work, on average? In Italy at least, the figure is around 30 euros. For the customer, the total cost of a job depends on the materials used and the time taken. For the electrician, earnings depend on the number of customers he can serve, the quality of his work (since this determines customer fidelity) and the absence of idle time. So is it possible to increase customer satisfaction and electrician satisfaction at the same time? The answer to this question is definitely yes, by fitting a Syncro System racking system designed specifically for electricians.

Syncro racking simultaneously reduces cost to customers and increases earnings for the electrician

The explanation is simple: Syncro’s custom van racking helps the electrician keep all his tools, spares and sundries in perfect order. He can therefore work faster, as he always knows what tools and materials he has with him, where to find them and where to store them for the next job. And everything is undamaged when needed. This saves time and money for the electrician as it eliminates the need to replace missing items, reduces time wasted searching for things and improves focus on the job in hand. The customer’s bill will therefore be smaller, thanks to fewer hours and less unnecessary expense. And a satisfied customer is far more likely to call out the same electrician in future and recommend him to others. For his part, the electrician will be able to serve more customers in the same time: this will leave him better off financially and with a more professional image. So, let’s see how custom van racking for an electrician can achieve these results.

01_An electrician’s van 02_A complete racking system for an electrician in a Custom 03_A van with racking for an electrician, by Syncro System 04_A van with a custom roof transport system for an electrician

A practical example of a custom racking system for an electrician: liners and storage

This gallery of photos illustrates a classic example of a medium size van with racking for an electrician by Syncro North America. The installation team started by protecting the floor with a plywood liner with metal edging. This top-quality liner is impermeable to water, provides a high-grip surface and is extremely resistant to wear and loads. Racking modules are installed along both walls of the van and exploit every last inch of available height thanks to the offsetting of cabinets in each column.

Racking in an electrician’s van

Two columns of racking are installed on the left wall. The column nearest the back starts with a wheel arch cabinet with door. Next up is a drawer cabinet with three standard metal drawers and four case trays complete with metal tool cases. At the top are two open shelves with two spray can racks alongside. The inner column of racking starts at the bottom with practical case storage based on a sliding shuttle. Further up is a shelf of removable plastic containers, three empty shelves and a cabinet of tilting, removable transparent plastic containers. The right wall has been fitted with just one column of racking, mirroring the configuration of wheel arch cabinet, case trays, drawers and shelves already seen on the left wall. The only difference is that the rear of the column has been fitted with an extra cabinet of six transparent plastic containers.

A roof transport system for an electrician

The Syncro North America team also added a couple of useful extras to this particular van: a ladder rack and a transport tube on the roof give our electrician extra carrying capacity outside the cargo compartment itself. These two practical accessories are ideal for carrying long, bulky items like ladders, cable channels and ducts.

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