Special storage for pickup trucks

Syncro has come up with a great idea for making your pickup more efficient and versatile. Pickups might not be vans, but they are extremely popular vehicles in the USA and Canada for their agility and versatility. Though smaller than most vans, pickups share one of the van’s key characteristics: a generous load space – ideal for both work and leisure.

Before we delve into the details of how Syncro System North America can convert your pickup truck into a practical mobile workshop, take a look at this video.

Under-floor drawer with ball-bearing runners

What you have just seen in the video is Syncro’s unique under-floor storage system, with a fully opening drawer mounted on ball-bearing runners that extend from the load bed out over the tailgate.

The system is based on a frame that is fixed to the pickup’s original load floor and contains a large metal drawer with non-slip mat and internal space dividers. The dividers can be fitted in various combinations using the slots provided to create different compartments as needed. To open the drawer, once you have unlocked it with the key, all you have to do is press the large yellow button and pull the drawer out. A special retaining mechanism can hold the drawer in various positions between fully closed and fully open. A robust panel is fitted over the drawer and frame to provide a raised floor strong enough for you to walk on. In this case the new floor is made from aluminum tread plate.

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The advantages of under-floor storage

In a pickup truck, with no walls or roof to protect cargo against bad weather and bad intentions, under-floor storage:

  • protects materials and tools against sun, damp, wind and rain
  • hides the contents of the drawer from prying eyes and potential theft

From a purely functional viewpoint, an under-floor drawer:

  • almost doubles the surface area available for storage by creating two separate load levels
  • provides easy access to contents

A hidden compartment for valuable items

As you can see in the video and in the photos on this page, the drawer is not the only form of storage provided by Syncro’s under-floor system. A second “storage well”, accessible only from above, is located just behind the cab.

To access this compartment, you have to climb on the back of the pickup. The compartment is positioned where it is difficult to see from outside the truck, and has its own independent lock and key for even greater security. Two recessed handles in the cover ensure easy opening, and the cover itself is mounted on gas springs to prevent accidental closing.

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