Strap and tensioner: for securing cargo quickly and easily

2017 has seen the addition of many new products to the Syncro System catalog, all now available from Syncro dealers in the USA and Canada. One of the most exciting new accessories is the strap and tensioner cargo retaining system. Easy to use and amazingly versatile, this accessory can be attached anywhere in the van to secure even large items of cargo.

This video shows exactly how the system works.

The strap and tensioner is beautifully simple and highly effective too. The system uses the same principle as automobile seat belts and consists of a winder-tensioner unit and a tough cargo strap of over 5 feet in length. An orange lever locks and releases the strap.

The tensioner unit can be fixed to the van floor and used conjunction with a second attachment for the strap’s end hook, or attached to virtually any point in the cargo space using a rail and adapters.

Operation is simple and intuitive: just pass the strap over the object to secure and hook the end of the strap to the second attachment, then use the colored lever to apply the desired tension. To release the cargo, open the lever, unwind and detach the strap.

01_Strap and tensioner by Syncro System02_strap and tensioner cargo retaining system03_Securing cargo with strap and tensioner04_Strap and tensioner by Syncro System in Usa and Canada05_Usage of strap and tensioner in a van06_Strap and tensioner for securing cargo in a van

Securing cargo: a universal requirement

If you use your van for work, you inevitably have to carry different kinds of tools, equipment, spares and cargo. Just piling them all into the back of your van is not a good idea! Travelling in this way is fraught with hazards. You can arrive at your destination to find everything in chaos, break or irreparably damage expensive pieces of equipment, dent your van’s bodywork and damage the racking … The risks are endless! To avoid them, you need lining, racking and accessories specially designed for securing cargo in transit.

Syncro System: retaining systems to satisfy all needs

Syncro System has designed every aspect of its van racking system to satisfy the need for safe and secure transport. Syncro racking and accessories help you keep your van clean and tidy, saving time and money otherwise wasted searching for missing tools, repairing broken equipment and replacing lost items.

Syncro System North America supplies:

  • metal and clear plastic drawers with automatic locking
  • shelves with access doors to keep cargo in place
  • non-slip mats and metal space dividers to arrange and secure the contents of drawers and shelves
  • specially designed racks and holders for cans, fire extinguishers, paper rolls and tools
  • straps and hooks for securing cargo of all kinds anywhere inside the van
  • universal retaining systems for tool cases and component cases
  • cargo bars that can be installed vertically or horizontally to stop fragile or bulky cargo sliding around
  • roof transport systems like roof bars, roof racks, single and double slide ladder racks and transport tubes
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