Here it is! The revolutionary ULTRASILENT system by Syncro!

In designing the brand-new ULTRASILENT profile, Syncro set itself the objective of making van driving quieter and more relaxing, whether the vehicle is used for work or leisure. The Ultrasilent profile will be appreciated by anybody who needs to carry cargo or equipment on the roof of their van, and who wants to install roof bars, a roof rack or a transport tube.

Let’s have a closer look at the problem and see how Syncro System has overcome it.

01_Ultrasilent profiles for vans 02_Von Karman street with normal profiles03_Ultrasilent profiles for quieter roof racks 04_Ultrasilent for vansULTRASILENT

The problem: noise and vibration

Equipment carried on the roof is exposed to the air flow when the vehicle is moving, and this causes vibration and noise that increase with speed until eventually they can make conversation between people in the cab almost impossible.

Scientifically speaking, the phenomenon at the root of this problem is the “Von Karman street”: when an airflow strikes a round shape like a typical roof rack cross-bar, and is forced between the bar and the roof of the vehicle, it forms a series of vortices that cause pressure around the structure to fluctuate, vibrating the affected parts and producing an annoying metallic noise.

The solution: the Ultrasilent profile

Syncro System has found a radical solution to this problem and has embodied it in a simple accessory: the Ultrasilent profile. This revolutionary profile is applied to the underside of the first bar in the roof rack where, thanks to its small size, it does not interfere with loading and loading operations in any way. The ridged surface of the profile effectively prevents the formation of the Von Karman street, reducing the vortices and the noise by an amazing 50%!

The advantages of Ultrasilent

With Ultrasilent profiles:

  1. you can drive at higher speeds with the roof rack loaded without noticing any annoying noise or vibration from the roof
  2. you can load and unload your roof rack as usual
  3. you can enjoy the best roof transport system on the market!

Standard equipment on all 2017 roof transport systems

The Ultrasilent profile is not an optional. You don’t need to pay extra or specify it when ordering, because it comes as standard equipment on all roof bars and roof racks installed by Syncro System USA and Canada on all models of van.

Syncro System is determined to improve safety and comfort for van users. The Ultrasilent profile makes the experience of van driving more pleasant and relaxing than ever and we are proud to offer this benefit to all our customers!

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