Floor liners for vans: the latest products from Syncro System

Syncro’s plywood floor liners have always been hot favorites with customers for their light weight and great resistance to wear and humidity. Now, Syncro has replaced its old resin coating with two new options: rubber-coated and marble-look, designed to satisfy different van user requirements. Both new finishes are already available from Syncro dealers throughout North America.  The liner’s tough plywood base has not changed. It is still made from nine plies of top quality birch wood. Before these plies are assembled, they are softened by heating and dried. Then they are coated with phenolic adhesives and pressed together to achieve the required density and thickness. The end result is impressive: Syncro’s plywood panels are not only extremely resistant to wear and stress but are also totally damp-proof. Finally, each panel is cut to size and drilled at Syncro System’s main plant in Italy, ready for delivery to dealers around the world.

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Rubber-coated floor liners

Thanks to their rice-grain pattern, these liners offer the ultimate grip! Their relief surface is finished in an attractive light color too. Here are some of the most important characteristics of Syncro’s rubber-coated floor liners:

  • 30% greater grip
  • Extremely water-proof
  • Guaranteed durability

Recommended for: users who have to climb in and out of their vans frequently, users who need to work inside their vans, and users who often need to load and unload heavy cargo.

Marble-look floor liners

The marble-look surface of these liners is made from a plastic material whose main feature is easy cleaning! Here’s why you should choose a marble-look floor liner:

  • Easy to clean
  • Bright and cheerful in appearance
  • Extremely resistant to damp and liquid spillages

Recommended for: users who transport cargo that leaves dirt or stains, users who have to perform repairs in their vans, and users who want their vans to look attractive and clean with minimum effort.

The importance of lining your van’s cargo space

Syncro System USA and Canada also offer a third way to protect your van’s floor: aluminum tread plate. Aluminum tread plate gives a highly characteristic finish. It is bright and hygienic looking, easy to clean and can be used to line your van’s floor, walls, doors and even roof to give the cargo space a coordinated, uniform look. Syncro System also supplies liners in other materials for other parts of your van’s interior (doors, windows, walls, roof and wheel arches). Syncro System is committed to offering you the best possible protection to extend your vans’ working life and avoid potentially serious damage and expensive repairs. Remember that what starts off as a little dent in the bodywork can quickly lead to rust and eventually a hole, ending the life of a vehicle that you could have carried on using for many years if properly protected.

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