Van racking for a heating engineer

USA & Canada.  The photos on this page show a van fitted out by Syncro North America for a heating engineer’s business. The installation you can see here incorporates some of Syncro’s most popular racking components including liners, drawers and shelves. It even includes custom solutions in response to requests by the customer who commissioned this particular mobile workshop.

01_A racking system for a heating engineer, by Syncro North America02_Case trays03_Customized shelving for a heating engineer 04_A cabinet of transparent containers 05_The van’s roof rack, complete with Ultrasilent profile

Shelves, shelves and more shelves!

This racking system is dominated by a large number of shelves. 13 are present in all, between the left and right side walls and the full-length top trays. All Syncro shelves are trapezoid in shape. In other words, they are lower at the front for easy access and taller at the back to prevent items falling down between the shelf and the wall. Internal equipment is common too: all shelves are fitted with non-slip mats to stop cargo sliding around and making a noise while the van is on the road. Shelves can also be equipped with internal aluminum space dividers, held in place by special plastic clips that keep the divider away from the shelf to prevent rattling.

Cases and case trays

The racking would be almost uniform if not for a set of metal case trays and a metal drawer unit. Cases (tool cases in this instance) are extremely useful accessories and can be used to carry small items and spare parts as well as power tools, all in perfect order and safe from accidental impact.

Transparent containers: tough and practical

The bulkhead between the body and the cab is fitted with a cabinet of tilting and removable transparent containers. These are made from PMMA, a high performance plastic with the following amazing characteristics:

  • Unbreakable and non-deformable, PMMA is the material from which airplane windows are made
  • Unaffected by UVA radiation, PMMA does not go yellow and keeps its strength over the years
  • It is also far more transparent than alternative materials

Leaving aside their “technical” benefits for a moment, these containers offer a very “clear” advantage: they let you see exactly what’s inside!

A safe place to transport cargo

As you can see, the marble-look plywood used to cover the floor has also been used to line the bulkhead. Here, a rail has been fitted to attach hooks and straps. What makes this particular van lining system even more special is the panel of aluminum tread plate used as further reinforcement for the floor in this loading area.

Syncro accessories for an even more functional van

What do you need to make the most of your van? Great racking of course, but accessories too! Just imagine how you could improve your own van by adding:

  1. LED ceiling lights (to help you find things in poor light ….)
  2. A bar rack with lashing strap (to reduce the risk of accidents when carrying sharp tools and utensils …)
  3. A spray can rack (to keep all your cans in the one place!)
  4. A tool rack (to eliminate all that time lost searching for screwdrivers, pliers and the other tools you need most often!)

The Ultrasilent van roof rack

To complement the great racking on the inside, this van also boasts a multi-purpose roof rack. The last photo in the series shows the Ultrasilent profile fitted under the first cross-bar. Click here to learn more and discover how your own van could benefit!

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