Van racking for a service engineer

North America.  Syncro Usa and Canada can convert your van into a fantastic engineering workshop on wheels. The photos in this gallery show how a Sprinter was fitted out for a service engineer who repairs and maintains industrial machinery at customers’ premises. Every inch of the van has been fully exploited to ensure maximum functionality, easy movement and efficient operations. Let’s see in greater detail how the team at Syncro North America fitted the van out and take a closer look at the liners, racking and accessories involved.

01_Racking for a service engineer’s Sprinter02_Accessories and shelving in the service engineer’s van03_A fold-away vice bench and work top in the Sprinter04_A compressor-generator combo in the service engineer’s Sprinter

Racking for a service engineer’s Sprinter

Like their colleagues in other dealerships, the team at Syncro North America is sure to explain the benefits of protecting your van’s cargo compartment. This is time well spent! Lining your van’s interior is a small job but adds years to the life of your vehicle by preventing dents and scratches, perforation and rust. In this particular case, the floor (the surface most subject to wear from shoes and cargo) has been lined with a made-to-measure panel of marble-look plywood. The walls and doors have been lined with two different materials: honeycomb plastic (lighter) and painted sheet metal (darker).

Left side racking: practicality and autonomy

Practicality and autonomy are the two keywords of this racking system for a service engineer. The van operator needs to have everything to hand and also needs to be completely independent of external power sources, even for the most complex operations. To satisfy both these requirements, this side of the van is fitted with:

  • compressor and air tank, connected to a hose on an easily accessible and easy to rewind hose reel
  • a wheel arch cabinet with a front door for storing a variety of items
  • a floor-level case transport compartment with a bar and strap retaining system for carrying tool and component cases of all makes and models
  • four Galaxy plastic component cases carried in dedicated case trays
  • four metal drawers
  • seven shelves, including one with a full-access bottom-mounted door
  • a top tray for long objects, with rear access and locking bar

Right side racking: functionality and convenience

This side of the van is dedicated to the service operations as such. Over a base formed by a closed wheel arch cabinet and four metal drawers, we find a practical plywood work bench with raised sides and back to stop tools and other items falling off. Further up, above the shelf, is a cabinet with two rows of six tilting and removable transparent containers. Everything the service engineer needs to prepare, repair or modify components and spare parts is instantly to hand and can be reached without moving! The column of racking nearest the side door contains a locker with a key and two internal shelves –extremely useful for storing work clothes, shoes, shirts and other items for personal use.

Accessories: a way to satisfy all needs

Left side

  • paper roll holder for quick and easy cleaning and drying
  • rail and strap cargo retaining systems for exploiting every inch of the van

Right side

  • fold-away vice bench with a fully retracting, built-in stand
  • power sockets with a circuit breaker located near the work bench


  • a pair of bar, strap and hook cargo retaining systems
  • a hose reel for the compressed air line

Left rear door

  • a handwash kit complete with water container and tap;


  • LED illumination system with three ceiling lamps for perfect lighting under all conditions
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