A Ducato for a disinfection equipment maintenance service

North America. If you use your van mainly to transport material and equipment from your base to your work site or to your customer’s premises, you certainly don’t need a complicated racking system. In fact, you would do far better to install a simple, practical system that leaves plenty of free floor space. On this page, you can see photos of a Fiat Ducato brought into a Syncro North America dealership by a company that installs and services disinfection and sterilization equipment.

The customer’s requests

Given the nature of his work, the customer prioritized his needs for the Ducato as follows:

  1. Keep as much floor space as possible free for carrying bulky equipment back to the workshop for servicing or delivering it to the end user for installation.
  2. Make it easy to load and unload bulky, heavy equipment with minimal risk of accident, injury and operator fatigue.
  3. Protect the interior walls against dents and scratches caused by loading operations and against wear from footwear and heavy loads.
  4. Ensure safety on board by keeping everything in place.
01_A Fiat Ducato fitted with access ramp, liners and a hoist by Syncro North America02_The Ducato’s loading ramp in closed position03_Retaining systems and liners for carrying heavy equipment in the Ducato04_A marble-look plywood floor liner and painted metal wall lining panels in the Fiat Ducato05_A small hoist for lifting heavy equipment into and out of the Ducato

Syncro North America’s solution for the Ducato

The Syncro North America team were able to offer practical and personal solutions to each of these requirements.

Van-mounted loading ramp

The ramp is fixed to a structure at the left corner of the van near the rear doors. It can pivot outwards to permit normal access to the van’s interior and can be locked in place at the threshold before the rear doors are closed. Once the easy-to-unfold aluminum and steel ramp is resting on the ground, it can support loads of up to 1800 kg.


The small hoist installed on a panel of aluminum tread plate at the bulkhead is electrically powered and equipped with a steel cable. To protect the hoist against accidental impact during loading, a steel profile has been added a couple of inches into the van widthwise.

Interior linings

The floor and the bulkhead of this Ducato are covered with marble-look plywood panels.  The walls are lined from floor to roof with painted steel panels. Even the wheel wells are protected with a combination of painted sheet and aluminum tread plate.

Cargo retaining systems

Two metal rails are installed along the Ducato’s side walls, one opposite the other. Used in conjunction with suitable straps and hooks, these are ideal for holding all kinds of cargo in place inside the van.

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