A van racking system for a door and window service

USA and Canada. The van illustrated on this page is owned and operated by a door and window installer. In discussions with a Syncro North America installation team, the customer laid down the following requirements:

  • Secure space for transporting bulky and fragile doors and windows with parts in glass, wood, PVC and aluminum;
  • Plenty of compartments for tools and equipment and plenty of free space in the middle of the floor;
  • Effective but stylish protection against wear and humidity for the doors, walls and floor.
01_A van racking system for carrying and installing doors and windows02_Van racking with cargo bars03_ Syncro accessories in a van operated by a door and window service04_Vertical cargo bars for securing doors and windows

The liners

Let’s start with the last item. What the customer saw as his last requirement is actually the starting point for any top-quality van racking system. Effective van body liners serve a number of purposes. For a start, they increase the working life of your van by keeping it attractive and making it easier to clean. On top of this, they also convey a far more professional image to your customers. We fitted this van, operated by a door and window installer, with a high-grip plywood floor liner and sheet steel wall liners. Click here to find the most suitable liners for your own needs. 

The heart of the matter: cargo bars

To create a cargo space suitable for transporting delicate doors and windows, we fitted this van with cargo bars featuring a specially milled profile, held in place by four milled rails on the van’s floor and roof. The bars can be moved along the supporting rails and secured exactly where needed. The van operator can therefore divide up his cargo space – even vertically – to meet the needs of each individual load. The bars have a rubber strip running down their narrow edge to avoid scratching the delicate objects they come into contact with. The milled groove in the bars can also be used to secure cargo with hooks and straps. Anybody dealing with fragile doors and windows can see that Syncro’s patented cargo bar system is an unbeatable solution for transporting such objects safely, conveniently and without risk of damage.

Shelves: simplicity with versatility

Installing doors and windows requires a wide range of tools and equipment. This explains the presence of 9 shelves, 2 drawers and a full-length top tray with rear access. Syncro’s open shelves provide a generous volume of storage space. A raised back stops items falling down between the shelf and the wall and a low front provides easy access to the contents. If you need to keep different items apart, Syncro shelves can also be fitted with special space dividers to create separate compartments.

Accessories for the door and window installer

Tool rack panel. This accessory lets you create a fully equipped wall rack using tough, press-fit plastic clips to hold individual tools. An amazingly practically tool rack in next to no space. Silicone tube rack. Indispensable for working with doors and windows. The metal rack can hold 9 tubes of silicone and the same number of nozzles. All in perfect order and within easy reach. Paper roll holder. An accessory you just can’t do without if you need to wipe and dry your hands and tools on the road. First aid kit. Just in case an accident happens... Rail, strap and hook cargo retaining system. This useful accessory, fixed to the van’s bulkhead, provides secure transport for bulky cargo. The system adapts easily to objects of all shapes and sizes.

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