A Ford Connect with Syncro racking for an electrician

USA & Canada. This page presents a small van, a Ford Connect, with racking for an electrician, customized by Syncro North America. This racking is constructed from Syncro Ultra components, as you can see from the holes in the side panels. The main advantage of this system lies in the almost infinite number of configurations that can be created by combining different elements. In practice, the Ultra system allows Syncro installers to design and install the perfect racking for whatever needs a customer might have. So let’s take a closer look! 

01_Underfloor drawers in the Connect02_Transparent containers in the Connect03_The Connect’s cargo retaining system, by Syncro System04_The Connect’s case retaining system05_Racking on the Connect’s bulkhead

A raised floor with underfloor storage

The main problem with all small vans is how to make the most of a limited amount of space. This problem can be solved brilliantly by underfloor drawers which leave the entire floor available for use with plenty of easily accessible but cleverly concealed storage underneath.  A robust metal frame is fixed to the van’s original floor and covered by a floor liner made, in this case, from plywood with a marble-look surface. The liner forms a new, raised floor, strong enough to support racking and walk on. Two generous under-floor drawers can be accessed from the vehicle’s rear doors and another two, shallow but long drawers from the side door. 

The cargo compartment: simple racking and cargo retaining systems 

The “visible” racking in this van consists of accessories and storage modules that are compact but still large enough to hold everything the electrician needs for his work. There are: 

  • Cargo retaining systems on both walls and the bulkhead, consisting of metal bars and retaining straps. These simple accessories let you carry even bulky boxes, parts and tools with the certainty that nothing will come loose while the van is on the road.
  • Racking inside the van, comprising a bar and strap case retaining system at the bottom, two small open shelves and three metal case trays  that can be pulled out all the way just like Syncro drawers.
  • A paper roll holder for cleaning and drying hands and tools and a spray can rack, fitted to the side of the racking.
  • High up on the van’s bulkhead, a long tray with a door at the end, a great way to carry items like cable ducts, brushes and tools with long handles. 

Transparent containers for easy-to-see spares and hardware

Two cabinets on the Connect’s right and left side walls contain 6 large containers and 12 small ones. These can be tilted forwards and even removed. More importantly, they are completely transparent. This makes life far easier when you have to find the right item from a large stock of different parts: one quick glance is all you need to see exactly what you want, without having to open anything! These containers are made from super-tough PMMA, the same material used to make airplane windows. PMMA is UVA-resistant and does not turn yellow or lose its shape. The six larger containers even have internal space dividers so that they actually provide 24 different compartments! 

Useful roof space thanks to Syncro’s Ultrasilent roof rack

The Connect can be fitted with a roof rack or other roof transport system. This particular van has been equipped with a multi-purpose roof rack with side fences and a roller at the rear for easy loading, plus a cylindrical transport tube with an access door at the rear. Syncro North America dealers in the USA and Canada sell and install roof racks with Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent noise-reducing profile, a patented device that minimizes turbulence over the van’s roof and therefore reduces noise and vibration when the van is moving at speed. 

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