Syncro System racking centers in the USA and Canada can help you solve one of the most common problems facing van users: how to simplify the loading and unloading of heavy machines, materials and equipment. Syncro supplies a complete range of loading ramps, from light, compact versions to high capacity models capable of supporting even the heaviest loads.

The following photos illustrate ramps from Syncro’s lightweight series. These are made entirely from aluminum and offer load capacities of up to 350 kg (770 lb). Because they are so light in weight, at only 40 kg (90 lb), these ramps do not need fixed anchorage inside the van.

Lightweight loading ramps

A motorcycle transport van with a folded ramp An aluminum ramp for vansFolding ramps on a vanLoading ramps from Syncro North America

These models are equipped with special access strips at the top and bottom, where loading often requires the most effort. This small but important detail makes easy work of loading machines with limited ground clearance or with small wheels. Their compact design allows Syncro’s lightweight ramps to be folded and stored inside the van (or back at base) when not needed, without complicated removal operations. These ramps are secured to the floor of the van by quick-fit attachments that can be engaged and released in only a few seconds.

Heavy duty loading ramps

A loading ramp as part of a Syncro racking systemA loading ramp on a van

Syncro’s heavy duty ramps, with load capacities up to 1800 kg (4000 lb) require permanent anchorage to the van body but permit easy access to the cargo space. These ramps rotate inwards or outwards to provide access to the van. Gas springs facilitate opening and lowering operations.

A Syncro System loading rampA van ramp from Syncro North AmericaA van with racking and a ramp Syncro supplies a wide range of loading ramps

Syncro heavy duty ramps (there are over 500 different models!) are made from aluminum and steel for greater mechanical strength and resistance. Whatever model you choose, your van is sure to gain in functionality, without compromising payload.

Electric winch for vans 

01_A winch02_A winch for vans

If you often need to load large, heavy and bulky machines or equipment into your van, this electric winch makes the job so much easier. The winch weighs about 12 kg, is fitted with a 12V motor, and connects to your van's battery. It comes complete with a steel cable and hook and a remote control. 

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