If you are going to carry materials and cargo in the back of your van, you’ll need a secure but flexible way to hold everything in place. This applies to all van users, of course, but especially to operators who have to carry delicate and expensive cargo like windows, doors, glass panels, furniture with swing doors and fragile equipment in general. Syncro System North America can supply versatile and adjustable cargo bars to satisfy this need. The Syncro cargo bar system consists of variable height posts that engage in rails installed on the van floor at any desired distance from the walls.

A versatile system for securing bulky cargo

01_A cargo bar retention system 02_Cargo bars in a racking system 03_Cargo bars in a van04_A van fitted with cargo bars

Syncro cargo bars can be fitted, moved and removed in next to no time thanks to a clever spring-loaded locking system. And if you don't want rails on the floor of your van, Syncro System also supplies pressure-fit cargo bars that can be arranged anywhere in the cargo space.

New cargo bars

01_The locking system in Syncro’s rail-mounted bars 01_The release button on a Syncro cargo bar03_A pressure-fit cargo bar with a ratchet

What happens if you need the whole cargo compartment on your next job? No problem! The entire cargo bar system can be removed in five minutes and stored in your home or workshop, ready to be installed again when needed next. No special tools or technical know-how is required. The staff at Syncro System's North American racking centers will be happy to demonstrate. Call now for a no-obligation quote!

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