Compressors and generators for vans, from Syncro North America

If you need a reliable compressed air or electrical power supply to work away from base, Syncro System’s racking centers in Canada and the USA have exactly the right solution. Our technical experts will be happy to explain the characteristics and benefits of Syncro’s gasoline and diesel-fueled generators, engine driven generators, standard and oil-free compressors. We even have compressor-generator combos that take up far less space but provide both functions - the ideal solution for small vans.

01_A van with a generator 02_A Syncro System compressor-generator combo03_A compressor-generator on a pull-out slide04_An inverter without a battery charger 05_An oilless compressor06_A set of cable and hose winders in a van

What the van user needs: space and functionality

To be of practical use in your daily work, your van has to satisfy two essential requirements, even if you have to carry a generator and/or compressor:

  • Space. You need as much as you can get, even with the van fully loaded. Syncro North America has the perfect solution whatever model of van you drive. If your van is a small-medium model, you can install a compact machine that combines the functions of generator and compressor in the one unit. If you operate a large van, you may prefer to install two separate machines.
  • Functionality. Even hundreds of miles from home, you still need to have all your spares, consumables, tools and equipment to hand. After all, that’s is why you want a racking system in the first place – to put everything where you can find it immediately. For your van to be really functional, you must be able to use power tools like drills and saws too. A Syncro generator is the answer to this problem, along with a compressor if you also need a reliable supply of compressed air.

Inverters, electric power panels, cable and hose winders

If you need to run a generator and/or a compressor in your van, your nearest Syncro System center can install a complete system. We can fit an electric power panel with all the sockets you need, either to the racking or to one of your van’s side walls. We can add an inverter to convert 12 or 24 Volt DC battery power into 110/220 Volt AC, ensuring an adequate supply of energy for low-power electrical and electronic equipment or the occasional power tool job. Finally, we can fit cable and hose winders to maximize efficiency by extending the supply of electrical current and compressed air outside the van.

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