Ecoflow: Portable Power Stations from Syncro

If you are looking for a compact, stylish product that has everything it takes to make your van fully autonomous, Ecoflow is what you need. The various models in the Ecoflow range contain a lithium battery, a battery charger and a pure sine wave inverter. Power for recharging the built-in battery can be taken from the mains, from your vehicle’s own battery or even from external solar panels. Once charged, the unit can provide AC or DC current to power sockets or USB ports.

Ecoflow portable power supplies come in a wide range of models offering performance of up to 10.8 kWh for 3,600 W of output. Some models can even be coupled to additional batteries for exponentially extended autonomy!

Why we recommend Ecoflow for your van

Ecoflow for using power tools in a vanEcoflow in a vanAn Ecoflow Portable Power Station integrated in Syncro racking

1. It can power any electrical device, tool or accessory you use in your van.

2. You will never run out of energy because the display gives you a real-time reading of battery status or recharge time 

3. It’s portable, silent and does not emit fumes: a concentration of zero-disturbance energy! 

4. With the addition of solar panels on your van’s roof, you get 100% clean energy from a renewable source, at zero cost and with no impact on the environment

Can I integrate Ecoflow in my Syncro System racking?

01_A Volkswagen Transporter equipped as a mobile workshop by Syncro System 02_A compact Ecoflow power station with a custom-made frame in an enclosed floor-level compartment in the Transporter03_A mobile workshop in an Iveco Daily with Syncro System racking and accessories04_An Ecoflow power station integrated in the Daily’s Syncro racking

Absolutely! Ecoflow has been added to the Syncro System catalogue because energy autonomy is an essential aspect of working on the move. Syncro can design and make custom solutions for integrating any Ecoflow model in your van’s racking. You can hide your Ecoflow power station away inside an enclosed floor-level compartment or on a shelf with a door, or install it where it is easy to reach on an open shelf, lashed to the racking by a strap or held securely by a custom-made frame. 

Ask the team at Syncro US  to help you find the best solution for your own needs!

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