At last! Your hand and power tools, nuts, bolts, washer and cable terminals can all have a place of their own in your van. Syncro’s practical steel and aluminum cases, available from all Syncro System centers in North America, are designed to make your work so much easier by keeping all your spares, tools and fasteners tidy and accessible. Arranged in these robust cases, everything you need can be carried to wherever you are working on site.

Syncro System’s elegant and robust cases are designed to be transported in Syncro case drawers. Their stylish shape and practical handle nevertheless allow them to be carried around outside the van as an independent accessory.

The right case for all needs, only from Syncro

01_Tool cases and component cases for vans 02_Component cases from Syncro North America03_A nozzle case

The space inside Syncro cases can be divided up using different size plastic trays, metal trays or practical plastic or metal dividers. Syncro component cases are ideal for carrying small parts and tools, with a separate compartment for every item. Space can be organized to meet your own needs, and to suit your own line of work. Syncro even has a dedicated nozzle holder for carrying 100 or 150 gas burner nozzles in the one case.

Syncro cases are made from high-strength steel and are covered by a three-year warranty. They come in a wide range of sizes too. The inside of the lid is lined with sponge to stop the contents moving around. A strong spring-loaded handle makes carrying easy and two cover clamps with a special anti-burst system and a hole for a padlock guarantee security. Syncro component cases even have an automatic locking device to stop the lid opening accidentally.

Aluminum and leather cases

A Syncro tool case An aluminum component case in a mobile workshopAn aluminum tool case for vansTool straps in a Syncro System case

The Syncro range of cases for vans and mobile workshops includes a more elegant, longer lasting alternative: a professional case in ABS, aluminum and leather.

Case drawers

Case cabinets for vans, from Syncro North America Case drawers for vans

All Syncro cases conform to the design guidelines of Syncro’s modular system and can be stored in special cabinets to form an integral part of your work van racking.

Galaxy: the plastic case

The Galaxy plastic case is the latest addition to the Syncro range. Available from all Syncro centers in North America, the innovative and stylish Galaxy case provides an extremely practical way to carry small items, spares and hand tools in your van.

The Galaxy case is unique for a number of features. For a start, the lid is transparent, which means you can see what’s inside without having to open it. On top of this, the sloping body is designed to allow a number of cases to be stacked one on top of the other. The case is also designed to be carried in Syncro racking modules or in practical case storage cabinets on the floor.

Drill cases

01_A Galaxy case, closed and standing vertically02_A stack of Galaxy cases03_A Galaxy plastic case in a Syncro drawer

Syncro System drill cases are made from high-strength steel and have sponge linings in the bottom and lid. While the lid lining is flat, the bottom lining has a relief surface. The linings of these robust and functional cases prevent unnecessary damage to power tools like drills and saws by stopping them sliding around,.

Drillo and Mididrillo cases are made for storage in Syncro System case drawers.

Case dimensions are:

DRILLO: 235x395x100 mm (9 ¼ x 15 ½ x 4”)

MIDIDRILLO: 265x440x130 mm (10 ½ x 17 ½ x5”)

Syncro’s KING tool trunk

01_The Drillo compact drill case 02_The Mididrillo drill case

Syncro’s KING trunk is a robust and simple way of carrying tools and materials in your van. The King trunk comes in four different sizes, from 600x280x300 to 950x450x450 mm (23 ½ x 11 x 12” to 37 ½ x 18 ¾ x 18 ¾”). Made in high-strength steel and finished in oven-hardened paint, the King trunk is both robust and secure: it incorporates an automatic device for holding the lid open and two padlock rings for extra security.

01_Tool trunks in different sizes02_An open Syncro tool trunk 03_The Syncro tool trunk with a padlock04_A closeup of the padlock fitting

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