So you work as a sales rep for a clothing company? Or maybe you have a small fashion business yourself? Or you sell in weekly markets and through boutique outlets? In any case, if you work in the world of fashion and clothing, you’ll need to transport garments from shop to warehouse or from factory to outlet. Syncro System North America can provide everything you need to carry hanging garments in any model of van.

Bars with or without hanger clamps

01_A bar with a clamp for hanging garments, from Syncro North America 02_A Velcro strap for pulling the clamp against the bar03_A hanging garment bar with no hanger clamp04_ A hanging garment bar with hanger clamp 05_A fixing rail for hanging garment bars

Syncro galvanized bars for hanging garments have a unique Omega profile and incorporate spring-loaded fittings that allow them to be engaged in and disengaged from holes in the fixing rails quickly and easily.

01_A fixing rail for hanging garment transport bars02_Metal bars secured to side rails03_A hanger on a garment transport bar

The bars have a galvanized Omega profile and come in tall and medium height versions. Depending on your needs and the size and shape of your van, bar fixing rails can be installed on the roof, the side walls, or even in both positions at the same time to exploit every inch of space. There’s no risk of garments falling off either: Syncro hanging garment bars are specially designed to carry clean, ironed garments on hangers.

Garment bar systems: quick, easy and effective

Syncro racking centers in the USA and Canada can fit your van with floor and side wall liners to ensure clean and trouble-free transport. Syncro liners come ready for fitting too. Our staff will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs, and can install bar fixing rails in whatever position proves most effective. Your van can be fitted out and back on the road in next to no time.

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