We all know that van bodywork is never strong enough to withstand the impact of sliding or falling cargo. Impacts can happen easily if cargo starts to slide around during transit, or if a piece of equipment falls over when you are climbing around inside van full of awkward, bulky materials and cargo.

01_Door liners from Syncro North America 02_A protective grille for van windows03_A bulkhead liner

All the protection you need for your van

Syncro System’s North American racking centers supply a wide range of liners to prevent damage to your van’s bodywork: side wall liners, wheel arch covers, blind or perforated liners for rear windows and bulkhead liners too.

Syncro liners are made from tough sheet steel, plywood or aluminum. These lightweight materials do not weigh your van down but are still strong enough to protect the body against damage for years of intensive use!

01_A wheel arch cabinet with a door02_A wheel arch cover03_Tool case storage

Syncro System means rapid, precise installation

Don’t worry! Your van won’t be off the road for days on end! Syncro liners come pre-cut and drilled, ready for immediate installation. All our installers have to do is position them and fix them in place with special plastic clips and self-tapping screws. The same applies to all types of Syncro bodywork protection.

Syncro wall panels and other interior liners represent the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to protect your van and avoid needles expense in future!

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