Van hoists from Syncro System North America

Feeling the stain from heavy, repetitive lifting?

Syncro System North America has the answer you’ve been searching for! Our van hoists are compact, safe and extremely easy to use, and let you lift and maneuver heavy objects with very little effort.

01_A button-operated cargo hoist from Syncro North America 02_A Syncro System van hoist03_A van hoist in use04_A van user operating a compact hoist

How Syncro van hoists work

The hoist is fixed to the body of your van at the side door or rear doors. A robust vertical post guarantees stability. Only arm rotation is manual: all lifting force is provided by the hoist motor.

Ask Syncro North America to install a hoist in your van. Feel free to ask for safety details too! Every component is certified according to the strictest safety standards!

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