If your van is one of the smaller models, you’ll know all about the problem of limited space. Ask Syncro System to install an under-floor drawer system to increase your van’s load potential. Syncro’s under-floor drawers exploit the space beneath a raised floor to house large capacity drawers. A robust steel frame supports floor loads of up to 800 kg (1760 lb) and drawer loads of around 140 kg (308 lb).

Under-floor drawers can be arranged to open in either direction: towards your van’s rear doors or side door. Once the frame has been fitted, it is covered by a panel of coated plywood or aluminum tread plate. This forms a new, raised floor strong enough to walk on and flat enough to serve as a surface for cargo and for racking modules like lockers, drawer cabinets and work benches.

01_The frames in an under-floor drawer system 02_A close-up of the under-floor drawer03_Under-floor drawers for vans

3 and 6-drawer configurations

Syncro System offers a choice of 3 and 6-drawer configurations. In the 6-drawer solution, each drawer is half the height of those in the 3-drawer solution. Drawers come complete with runners, non-slip mats and internal space dividers. Underfloor storage systems are available in heights beteen 95 and 134 cm. Configurations can be customised by combining a shelf with one or more drawers. 

01_Closed under-floor drawers 02_Under-floor drawers opened 02_Underfloor storage with a shelf and drawers03_Side-opening under-floor drawers

Under-floor storage for small vans

Small vans can still be big in functionality! As these photos show, a Syncro under-floor drawer system creates a totally free and perfectly flat floor for the installation of shelves and other storage modules to carry even large amounts of equipment and material!

Even pickup trucks can be fitted with under-floor drawers. In this case, to facilitate access, the drawers are mounted on ball-bearing runners with a special system to hold them closed, open and in various intermediate positions. Look here for details.

Explain your needs and preferences to the technical staff in any Syncro System van racking center in North America and you’re sure to find the perfect solution!

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