Under the burning sun or the pouring rain, work must go on. That’s why you need to think in advance about providing proper weather protection for your machines, tools and equipment and for area around your van’s doors. Syncro System verandas and awnings are exactly what you need. In next to no time and with very little outlay, Syncro's specialist technicians can fix these simple, lightweight accessories to the side or rear of your van to provide all the protection you need without adding unnecessary weight.

Verandas and awnings for covered work areas

Syncro awnings extend for 104 cm (3’ 5”) to cover a small space at the side or rear doors, while Syncro verandas are far larger, covering 250 cm (8’ 2 ½”) and providing protection for work done around your van’s side door. Awnings and verandas can be customized in length between 145 cm and 600 cm (4’ 9” and 19’ 8”) to suit the model of van. Syncro verandas and awnings are made from waterproof printed vinyl with an external frame in white painted aluminum. The frame has an aerodynamic profile similar to that of the aluminum roof bars to which it is fixed. If your van has no roof bars, Syncro System verandas and awnings can be fixed directly to the roof using simple fittings.

01_A van awning from Syncro System North America 02_A van veranda from Syncro System North America03_Outdoor weather protection for vans from Syncro System

Syncro centers in USA and Canada offer a range of awning and veranda solutions. Ask for a no-obligation quote and get our technical staff to recommend the best solution for your needs.

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